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1 Threaten the Owner [D - Crime] on Sat Nov 16, 2013 6:46 am

Hoshi Yamamoto


A look of determination was evident upon the face of Hoshi as she walked intently down another of the many paths in the earth country. The monotonous surroundings were not motivating and the mission itself was even less so. However, the leader, who's name she never could remember, was starting to see her as more of a asset than a burden. She didn't really care about his opinion, only about what opportunities it allowed her in the future. She gleamed at the thought of becoming even stronger as she continued to move towards her destination with increased haste. The older man that she was going to visit was a business owner. It was a simple outpost that had a favorable position in the country. It was well hidden and a good hideout for when times got rough. She was just going to make him understand that letting the Aoi Bara use the facilities was a great idea and choice in his situation. As she understood it, other groups liked to come and use it, which would stop from here in out. She didn't want anyone to get hurt now did she?

Her attention focused back on the road ahead as she was starting to near the structure. She kicked a small rock across the dusty ground as she walked just a bit faster. She was more than ready to get this shit over with. These 'crimes' were tedious and did not please her, but she would have to bear with it for the near future. The Aoi Bara offered too much protection and strength to foolishly throw it away because of a lack of patience. As much as she hated to say it, it was kind of nice to actually be around those who weren't your typical hoodie ninjas, even if the got on her last damn nerve. The building was within a few meters by this point. She walked up to the door of the establishment and slung the door open with a decent amount of force. Not many were in the small store, besides one or two customers who shuffled out almost instantly as she entered. The old man came out from behind the counter with steam coming out of his ears.

"You have no business storming in here like that." She stifled a chuckle at the unintentional pun he spoke and spoke with pride as she responded. "I represent the Aoi Bara. You will allow us to use this place as a refuge." She spoke with confidence as her tone showed no signs of being swayed. Her hand was gripped on her sword, ready to convince the man if she had to. "Why should I do that to someone so rude?" He asked indignant about the way she addressed him. Hoe he didn't know who he was speaking too. She moved forward like a bolt of lightning, using a water jutsu to create liquid platforms to increase her speed. As she grew near him, she also activated the Eel's Circuit. She stopped right beside him with her sword at his throat as it glowed with Ranton chakra. "Because you want to live." She said with a serious expression. All the man could do was nod in fear as his eyes widened. "We will be easily identifiable by the cloak and mask you see on me." She said without hesitation before she deactivated the jutsu and her sword came to rest on her shoulder once again. She turned solemnly and walked out of the door. She started to walk down the same path with one thing on her mind. Mission success.

Word Count 609/600


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