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1 Guard Illegal Weapons Shipment [C - Crime] on Sat Nov 16, 2013 7:37 am

Hoshi Yamamoto


Hoshi was moving at a much faster pace than usual. Her Aoi Bara robe moved with her as her eyes pierced through the mask at the road ahead. She had to hurry, as this mission was more than just a not so friendly visit to a place. She was asked to guard a load of weapons and armor as it travel to the buyers location of choice. The transporting of black market weapons was a main source of income for the Blue Rose, so this mission was of a bit more importance than the last few that she had completed. She continued her haste as she neared her meeting point. It was a quick no nonsense travel to the destination. She wouldn't bother anyone as long as everyone did their jobs, which she was sure they would. She was the right sister after all. Having someone like that in their presence meant that they would be on their A game to try and impress her with their professional way of life. She could only roll her eyes at such trivial matters, but alas she was stuck with it. She would make sure to point out any mistakes of theirs, just to please her own sense of superiority. At least she knew she was a bitch.

As she arrived at the location, she saw the cart and driver ready to go as well as two helpers. The cart was covered and inconspicuous, while the men seemed like normal people unless you knew more. They could have been mistaken for simple merchants strand feeing supplies, but they were far from that. "Let's go." She said strongly as they headed on to where they would meet their clients. She walked beside the cart with a calmed expression. She would try her best to be as cool and calm as possible, as she wanted to keep the groups reputation of professionalism in tact. In reality, she didn't want to have to deal with a fit from the leader, but as long as the end result was the same, it didn't matter. For the first hour, the traveling went without a hitch. That stopped soon after though, as Hoshi's ears perked up after hearing something strange. It sounded like an old man yelling in the distance.

She looked to her left to see an old man on the side of the road a little further. As they started to pass, he stepped out in front of the cart with a stubborn stance. She sighed with exhaustion. When will they ever learn? "What is in that cart? Drugs? Weapons? You ought to be ashamed of your selfs for helping move such trash across our once peaceful nation." Was this guy serious right now? He spoke with a shaky tone that suggested he had seen many moons over the years. He held a cane and had a grey beard on his face. She calmly walked up to him and took a breathe before speaking aloud. "I will say this nicely only once. Move out of our way please." She managed to squeeze the words out like venom as she had to fight the urge to slaughter him on the spot. Such stupidity for no reason at all. The man eyes narrowed and he started shaking his cane in anger as he continued to lecture the group about their selection of a vocation. "A woman is involved? How far will this nation fall before it is invaded and defeated. Back in the days if Arashi, this would have never came to pass." He just kept talking like a idiotic child that could not understand what was being asked of him.

She moved with a very fast hand as she lifted her palms to touch the man's forehead. She smiled as she spoke the last words he would hear. "I warned you. Rest in piece you fucking moron." She said with a voice that screamed pure hatred. Directly after the words left her lips, a wave of Raiton chakra left her palms and made a connection with the man's head, shocking and numbing it as traveled through his head giving him second degree burns. The man shook violently before dropping to the found, barely alive and cling to life desperately. "Looks like we have a fighter." She said with a wicked grin. Her blade letter her shoulder and swiped through the front of the man's neck, slicing it open to pour out ruby red blood. She looked down and watched as the color left his wrinkled skin and the light vanished from his tired eyes. He was dead and he damn well deserved it too. They were on a tight schedule and didn't have time for this bullshit.

"Take that body out and burry it. I will stay with the cart and we will pick you up on the way back." She ordered to the two men who were to assist her. They immediately obeyed, picking up the body without hesitation and walking it out to be buried. "Let's continue." She spoke a bit more calmly now that the anger had died down. They continued on the course, still within the allotted time of arrival. She thought ahead with showing up early to this. Something always went wrong when she was involved. It was her curse and pleasure to deal with those things. On one hand, she didn't really mind as the excitement of battle was something she could never get enough of. She just didn't like getting so angry all the time. If people would just leave her the hell alone, she would be a much happier person. However, that was almost never the case for the girl. The rest of the trip was rather uneventful. They arrived at the location and sold the weapons. Both parties were satisfied and they departed, remembering to pick up their comrades on the way. The leader would be pretty happy with this, as she proved that she could handle people with respect when needed and could be trusted to keep things safe. Despite the bigger responsibility of the mission, it was a huge success.

Word Count: 1,035

Chakra 140/150:
Name: Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Element: Lightning
Range: 5m
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instantaneous
Cooldown: 3 posts
Description: The user generates a large amount of lightning from their hands to attack foes. This small wave of lightning can only travel in a straight line and can only be fired from the user's hands, but can cover that 5m gap in one second. Anyone caught in the wave of lightning will receive small first and second degree electrical burns at random points throughout the body. Can also be applied through direct contact with the users hands rather than fired. Direct contact on any of the opponent's body's extremities will localize the burn/shock damage to that area, but will also slightly numb the body part slowing down its response time by 25% for 2 posts.


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