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Aburame Yamada

Aburame Yamada

Yamada stretched his arms up in to the air, letting out a thunderous yawn. It had been a few weeks since he had been iin Konoha, and to be perfectly honest, the scenery was getting quite stale. Yamada looked around his dirty hotel room. The walls were filthy, there was mould on the ceiling, the bathroom stunk. He was living in a small box that the hotel called a room, with a lumpy excuse for a mattress sitting in the middle of the floor. It was time to do something for today, Yamada had been lazing around for the past few days and he needed some exercise.

Yamada thought back to his previous fight with Sarutobi Mitsuo. The guy leaked power, it was absolutely insane how fast he was. And then there was the sword, that flaming sword. Yamada knew that if he had been touched by that sword, his skin would not be where it was today. It would be in a charred mess, in the middle of Konoha's dense forest. Yamada somehow felt kind of drawn to this Sarutobi. He was a great shinobi. His power was insane. Yamada had spent long hours lying there, wondering if he could ever reach that level of power.

It was time to make money. Yamada was in desperate need of some ryo. He had been kicked out of the hotel after being unable to pay for 2 nights. THe audacity of it all. That shitpit, that absolute stinkhole, the disgusting excuse for a hotel, had kicked HIM out. Of the Honorable Konoha clan Aburame! Yamada cared little about this hotel. Once he was making good enough money he would be staying in decent establishments that would treat him like a human being, and accommodate him as such. Yamada grabbed his bags and head toward the mission board.

Yamada stared at the mission bored, a very uninterested look upon his face. There were very few missions upon the board. Train the Academy, punsih the students. These were all missions that Yamada had already taken, and hated. He did not want to go through all of this again. Yamada scanned the mission bored for any assignments that didnt involve babysitting bratty kids. Nope. Only B rank and above missions, and the Hokage would never let a genin level shinobi take it, let alone an outsider. This was real trouble for Yamada, either he took a nasty babysitting mission, or he got the heck out of Konoha. He let his eyes wonder, scanning for a moment, before he spied an announcement on the bulletin board.

"It is with great regret that the administrative board of Konoha announce that our honored Jounin, Sarutobi Mitsuo, has been Killed in Action. He was sent on a mission to kill a missing ninja and succeeded, however this came at the cost of his own life. Konohagakure has named him as an honored shinobi, and his name will be added to the monument. The funeral service for this great man and great ninja will be held in a few days"

This settled it for Yamada. There was nothing left for him in Konoha, no missions, and no Mitsuo. He was the man who Yamada seeked to train under, and now he was gone. Yamada had no reason to remain in Konoha, so he left. He went to the admin office and signed his name, notifying everyone that he was leaving for now. He wanted to go to the closest place he could get to, a place with a decent amount of missions where he could make some money. Iwagakure


Missions Completed!

D: 5 /C: 2 /B: 2 /A: 0 /S: 0 /SS: 0 /


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