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1 To plot or not to plot, that is the thread. on Sun Nov 17, 2013 9:41 pm

Uchiha Oshiki


With all the crazy things that keep happening in this RP, it's sometimes difficult to keep calm and remember about what the character is based from, thus I would like to have anyone interested in bonding with this jounin to come forwards and post it here


  • Uchiha Umaya - Father || MIA Oshi's father was a ninja for Konoha who was sent to deal with a renegade village who tried to secede from the land of fire twenty years ago. When ordered to put them down, he attempted to do so and disappeared, with the assumption being he was killed in action.
  • Uchiha Amare - Sister || KIA Oshi's sister was a genin in squad three six years ago when she was betrayed by her team-mate and killed.
  • Uchiha Kura - Mother || KIA Oshi's mother was a medical ninja for the village, but retired after the death of her daughter. During the destruction of Kirigakure, she took in some refuges who killed her when they found out that she was from the same clan as Hao.
  • Uchiha Irri - Brother || KIA Still attending the academy and living at home during the Kirigakure massacre, he was killed alongside their mother by the enraged Water ninja.


  • Sarutobi Mitsuo || 'KIA' Friend and long time rival from the academy, they were students together and grew up challenging each other's abilities. He eventually felt a crush grow on his friend, after Mitsuo had saved him from himself during the aftermath of the Kiri massacre, but currently believes that Mitsuo died before he had a chance to admit it.
  • Aiza Itohane Although the pair have only met on one occasion, they seemed to get on well and had an interesting conversation before other factors required the two to part. Looks forwards to another meeting, but doesn't pay much attention to his exploits.


  • Sarutobi Soron A member of Squad four assigned to him, he still doesn't know very much about his student apart from his strange detachment to the rest of the world, and the lack of any strong bonds with his friend, who happens to be Soron's clan head.
  • Hyuga Kidzukai A member of Squad four assigned to him, Oshi knows little more about Kid than he does about Soron, and is equally interested in his young pupil. However, from his generosity and his desire to prove himself, Oshi is currently more fond of Kid than he is of Soron.
  • Taira 'Reag' Hikamaru: Although not legally his student in the same way that he is for Soron or Kid, with the boy's actual teacher being the hokage, Oshi acts as a mentor for the young boy. Having met whilst he was drunk, he doesn't know very much about his mentee, apart from the fact that he's very intelligent, and more useful than usual for a genin.


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  • Senju Ukiyo - "Crazy Hippy girl: Having met in the dense forest around two months back, they instantly fell into a fight since he cared more for human life than he did about trees. After a fight that was completely one sided, he felt a large amount of contempt for the girl and originally considered her a rival. However, since she's betrayed the village, he now sees her as an active threat.

Love interests:

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People to RP with:

  • Sanosuke Flynt

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Sanosuke Flynt, put me where ever you want brochinno


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