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There is this misconception around Iwagakure that the Anbu Headquarters was hidden from the rest of the village, that it's underneath some elaborated illusion which detours others from wanting to venture near it's vicinity. Or that it was hidden underground, being built under the very earth that they walk on, the very earth that founded the village of stone, the members of the organization using the pathways gifted to them by the sewers to venture in and out of the village unnoticed and undetected by all. Of course when someone asked an Anbu member if any of this was true, they would only get a hardly laugh in return. The reason being? Everything that village apparently knows was just a lie, a scheme cooked up by the upper echelons to keep the true location of the village greatest power under wraps.

So where exactly was the Anbu headquarters?

Nanashi's lone eye looked across the assembled Anbu members, every single one of them were down on one knee bowing to their Anbu Captain who were about to give a speech of great importance. The room in which they were in was barren of any furniture except for the raise platform, where the Captain was standing. Nanashi snapped his head, face obscured by a porcelain mask with the kanji for “Void” etched on the center, at his captain's voice as the man spoke.

“Listen up men! Word has reached the Tsuchikage that as of this very moment Kirigakure is under seized by a tyrant. This tyrant goes by many names but is mostly known by Seven Bells, an extremely dangerous man who if allowed to continue could spell trouble for the rest of the Elemental Nations. And it's for that reason and more that the Tsuchikage is planning on sending a squadron of us to help in the fight. When your name is called go, pack for a long term mission and meet up at the gate.” A chorus of “Hai!” ranged throughout the area, with those who names were called disappearing in a body flicker, Nanashi being one of them. . .

It would take roughly ten minutes before Nanashi, his Anbu mask obscuring his face, appeared a front of the gates, along with the Anbu Captain and another Anbu member. The medic acknowledge those who were there with a brief nod, before doing a mental check list of his equipment.

Shuriken. Check.

Kunai. Check.

Senbons. Check.

It seemed like he had everything that he would need for the upcoming mission and with settle Nanashi, known as Void, turned towards his captain “Sir, what is our mission when we get there?” The Anbu in questioned looked at Void for a moment before speaking “Your objective will be told when the other two member shows up.”

And as if on cue the last two members showed up via body flicker, bowing in respect to their captain and nodding to the other members.

“Seeing how everyone is here. Lets get down to business. Void, you being the only medic will be in charge  of keeping us alive and helping out any injured if the situation doesn't jeopardize yourself, don't be a hero. Do I make myself clear?”

Void nodded. . .

“We will meet up with Kiri shinobi upon entering the village and they will give us our orders. We won't be the only ones going to aid Kirigakure so don't be surprise if you see shinobi from other villages there as well. Okay? Now move out!”

With that said the squad of Anbu took off towards their destination, Kirigakure. . .



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