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8 to 9 years of solitude... and what did bring to him? Joy? Pain? Misery? Distraught? He pondered and wondered about it many of times while still being in Iwagakure. He wanted to see what was all of the commotion about with the recent rumors and whatnot. Iwagakure does talk in the streets, and everything was new information to Jurou.

He remembered it all while he was solitary confinement, or in better terms hiding for the last 8 to 9 years. He remembered his title as Mizukage, although that was short lived when the war waged in which it caused him to abandoned the ones he loved for his own selfish greed. He wore the cloak of ignorance and shame during that lifetime assault. He had a family, but he left even those to die so that he can lived. Sitting there with his eyes closed, his right arm resting on his right knee, he pondered. He remembered what happened, when that pompous female that he had relations with, had made her pregnant and bore his twin daughters. But now... that was all a waste. Nothing. A fragment of his memory. His breathing was slow and reassuring. He gained his health back up to date. His body felt heavy. He had gotten taller and gained weight over the past years. His appearance changed drastically, pretty much for the better. His abilities far superior then what it was before. He aged, but still looked the same. His weaponry was near him at all times; especially Naiya, his trusted sword made of diamonds. He was caught with treason and giving out legendary weapons without concealing them in Kirigakure and was sent into solitary confinement. It exploded. He got out and went into hiding. Now... everyone thinks his dead. Good. Let them think that way. His stomach growled. He was hungry. He hadn't eaten within days. Still, he sat there. Reminiscing, thinking, pondering, wondering. A lot of thoughts had came into his head as of right now. Most importantly, his daughters.

"Chei... Reiko..." His voice was spine-chilling, deep and raspy. The years had done well to him, making him more violent than in his prime days. His hood had fancied the idea of concealing his identity, keeping his face a secret to the outside world. He needed that. His cloak covered his entire body along with his usual attire as well. Where was he? That was the main question. He did not feel like opening his eyes or getting up in that manner. What he does know is the location. He was still in Iwagakure. His body had endured many bruises, cuts, and burns throughout his years. He traveled to all of the countries, most predominately Sunagakure because of his kids. The days had flew by faster than the years. And now, an ex-Mizukage of Kirigakure gone into hiding, defected his village, and became a missing-nin. This was something that the male had not expected while living his life at all. That was the price you paid for your actions. He sighed at that statement, although true enough. What was his reason of still living? What did he had to fight for? All of these questions still bottled his mind as he saw his thoughts as in looking at them through a big television screen and scanned through them.

Was this the life I wanted to live? What about my kids? What about... her...? A lot of things clouded his mind, but it was time to let those thoughts go. Sentimental feelings was not his forte. His father had taught him best when he became the heir of the Osada Clan that feelings are for the weak. If you catch them, you are nothing but a spineless human. The male had learn to control his feelings, and therefore did not care for the world until she came along and changed that. She was fourteen and he was fifteen. He remembered it all. He was on a mission in Sunagakure while she resided there. They were in a relationship. One thing led to another and boom. Both virginity were taken, and the female had gotten pregnant with twins at the age of fourteen. Was he ready to be a father then? He was not, but he had to play the role no matter what the cost. Such impudent feelings... they made him weak mentally and emotionally to where he even called himself soft. And then, he remembered the battle he had with the same female that he once fell in love with. He sighed once more. These feelings were starting to come back to him. He shook off those wretched excuses that they called feelings and more so focused on a way to escape from Iwagakure no Sato to head back to Kirigakure once again. He had heard of something big happening right now, and the village seemed to tell the stories of the incident. It seemed as if he was informed greater than ever. Splendid.

People. So many people....and their gave the male a more serious headache. He just kill them...all of them....every last one. His time would come eventually. It would best to be patient until the right time had eventually made its way to his location. He sighed once more. This lifetime had become nothing but dull to him. He did not crave for excitement. He just wanted to leave. He had forgotten something. His very own sword... Sōshin. He had heard word that it was still here in Kirigakure. He could possibly have a chance to steal it, but that would be suicidal itself. He had to leave and he had to move quickly. He saw the window of opportunity and he took it with caution.

He had put the snake hand seal in front of his face as his body was thinly coated in chakra, rendering himself soundless and scentless from others around him. It was a good sneak attack, and also a good evacuation technique as well. Seeing as though he would need to move swift, he did so and he did so quickly as possible.

Techniques used:
Name: 迷彩隠れの術 {Meisaigakure no Jutsu ~ Hiding-with-Camouflage Technique}
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: A.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Self.
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: 3 posts; maintainable (before or after the 3-post duration).
Cooldown: 4 posts.
Description: A technique that thinly coats the user in chakra, making the user essentially imperceptible by multiple processes. It negates the user from making any sound, as well as erasing their scent. In addition, this jutsu refracts light around the user to make them invisible to those of their rank who don't have Ace Eye or Focused; those who can see the distortion made by this jutsu must be within 20 meters to detect it. The user begins to suppress their chakra, while the chakra coating around them suppresses any trace of them whatsoever, be it biological, air disturbances, footsteps, or anything else. As such, the user is also unable to be detected by any sensory technique of their own rank or lower. This technique is excellent for sneak attacks; however, they can only use 1 jutsu of one rank or lower than they are (+1 jutsu per rank lower the jutsu is) before having to dispel this technique. Techniques initiated before this jutsu do not count against this. If the user is touched any more than being brushed up against by another human/pet/summon, the jutsu ends.

375 / 400

"Turn around and only an aftermage remains withal..."

The sound of landing in light footsteps was heard on the rooftops of the Land of Rocks. The wait was already long enough. A shadow moved over the rooftops swiftly, making the move more quicker. The night was getting to its middle age as he headed to his direction, the Village Gates of Iwagakure. Its footsteps were heard, but not loud enough for the citizens to hear/ignore from their nightly routines. He eyed the crowds from the corner of his eyes, not paying much attention to them, wanting to make sure he leaves this village without being heard from anyone at that matter. Leaving for his good will of escaping this hell hole of a village, it was acceptional to leave at night time, meaning he can leave without sudden distraction from everyone else in the village. He wanted his departure to be quick, so no last visits were being made. He really did not have an initial plan to where he was going after he left the village, but knowing his actions of committing treason and giving out legendary weapons, he found a good place to commencing the action of visualizing the recent rumors he had heard; Kirigakure. It was only going to be for a short visit, then leaving to go to Sunagakure for a quick stay.

At a given time during his travel, he ran up a tree and took a leap towards the top of the tree, enhancing the range of his sight. He wanted to see if he was running into the correct direction and to determine how much longer he would need to run. In the very distance, if he narrowed his eyes, he could see the beginning of the vast forest, with a surround wooden gate built around the perimeter of the village that led towards Kirigakure. He was glad to be close to his destination, although no facial expression entered inside him as no emotion was shown in him. He wanted to get this traveling over and done with, a sign of him being impatient during his travels. With the view being close to him now, he jumped down from the tree top and into the muddy plains, slowly walking into the direction of Kirigakure, this time slowing down the pace since he was almost there in sight.

He was back at home again, or at least close to it. He had found himself wandering in the Kirigakure Wilderness, or even getting close to it easily without the guards peeping his appearance before hand.


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