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After having been given the orders to move out by their Anbu Captain, the small squad of elite soldiers, consisting of Guanyin Nanashi, all sped towards their destination – Kirigakure. Tense were high amongst the small group, all were thinking about what exactly they were getting into. Their Captain haven't exactly been forthcoming with the details regarding what they were suppose to do once arriving in Kirigakure, only that they would be given orders upon getting there. Theses orders of course wouldn't be that of their Captain, a man that they all respected and loved dearly, but from the Anbu of Kirigakure and that itself was something that didn't sit well with them. Never had they taken orders from anyone besides their beloved Captain. Of course there were times where the Tsuchikage would come to their Headquarters and deliver them their assignments personally, but those instants were few and far between, and yet it didn't bother them for it was their leader, the individual who they sworn to protect with their lives, who was given them the order. But in this case it wouldn't be their Kage who would be given them their objectives. It wouldn't be their Captain Commander. It would be the Captain Commander of a foreign country who will be given them orders, that Captain for better or worse will be holding their lives in his/her hands, knowing that whatever task that he/she gives them could potentially cause their lives. And it was the fact that their lives would soon be held in a foreign shinobi's hand that cause a few to pause, some wanting not to continue on with the mission but did so anyway, but not for themselves but for the man and woman traversing the terrain with them, for doming the Anbu mask means so much more than just becoming Anbu. . .

Yes so much more. . .

As if someone had spilled water on a painting, the terrain and it's colors blended in with one another, as the squad sprinted towards their destination. The once rocky terrain ended, signifying that they have left the comforts of Tsuchi no Kunai and now were entering into foreign territory. And like a light switch that went off, each member became more alert, eyes darting back and forth as they move through Takigakure no Sato, a relatively neutral country as a whole, but despite being neutral it didn't mean that one shouldn't be careful. For if there is one thing that Anbu members were taught was always to be careful. The alertness of the squad didn't waver as they left the border of Takigakure, and began trekking into enemy territory. . .  

Hi no Kuni, wasn't exactly the place that any Iwagakure Shinobi worth their salt want to travel to. If you lived in either Tsuchi no Kuni or Hi no Kuni, you would have heard the rumors of an Iwagakure Shinobi who went a little bit crazy, waltz into Konohagakure, killed their Hokage along with a bunch of civilian and shinobi a like before fleeing the scene to parts unknown. Needless to say after such an incident many people who resided in Hi no Kuni didn't particularly like or care for Iwagakure shinobis, so thus it wasn't wise for any of them to stay in the area for long and it's because of that reason why the squad picked up their paced as they moved through the area. . .

A sigh of relief could be heard from the group as they left the border of Hi no Kuni and entered Yu no Kuni, or as it's popularly known Hot Spring Country. If they weren't press for time the squad would have stopped and partook in the festival that the country was currently having. How did they know a festival was going? Well the blaring music, and fireworks that lit up the night sky answered that questioned. Of course there were other reasons to stop by the country, one is for the famous hot springs that apparently had some healing properties to them, it's unknown if that was true through, but it didn't keep the tourist from going there. Sadly the squad couldn't, they all had something more important to do. . .They had to help a fellow major country in need and that was more important than any silly festival. Thus the pressed forward. . .

The squad of Anbu were allowed a quick breather as they arrived to the busy port of Yu no Kuni. Their captain commander was currently taking to a Kirigakure shinobi that apparently had reserved a ship for them, and would be accompanied them to Kirigakure where a group of Kirigakure shinobi would be waiting for them. As the two men were talking, the Anbu took the time to look around the busy port, ships were coming in and out, transporting and exporting goods all over the Elemental Nations. There were surprisingly a lot more shinobi mingling amongst the denizen than normal, of course this could be contributed to the happenings in Kiri.

“All right men listen up.”

Guanyin Nanashi, and the other Anbu members snapped their head towards their captain's voice, all taking noticed of the Kirigakure shinobi beside him, but only doing so briefly. There captain was the one who was speaking and thus held priority over any curiosity they might have.

“This is Suiren Kenbon.” The captain said pointing to the now identified Kiri shinobi, who waved at the small squad.

“It was brought to my attention that Kirigakure is lacking high classed medics, and such is in need for one. And seeing how we have one amongst us. . .” Void's eyes locked onto his Captain's who was staring back in returning.

“Void, upon entering Kirigakure you will be taken to the medical ward and begin healing the sick and anything else that they might need you to do. Understood?” Void nodded, though he would be lying if he didn't feel a little bit bum that he wouldn't be doing any fighting. But one couldn't complain about the orders they were given.

“Now that's out of the way, lets move out. The longer we stay here the more Kirigakure gets destroyed.”


And with that the Anbu squad and the one Kirigakure shinobi boarded onto the ship, and headed to Kirigakure. All thoughts at the time were on the upcoming battle that they were thrusting themselves into.

And for some it will be life changing. . .

Upon arriving to the Kirigakure's port, the Anbu squad took immediate noticed of the smoke that was rising in the background along with the sound of fighting going on, And for some realization sunk in and they realize what exactly they were getting there selves into.

“All right men.” The ever present voice of their Captain ranged out clearly over the chaos that were assuring a couple of kilometers away from them. The man's voice was crystal as a bell, it didn't held any hint of nervousness or doubt, it was calm and composed as the man himself was. And it was their Captain's composure that allowed those who were getting nervous to steel their resolve, harden it like the rocks and stones of their country. . .

“Everyone except Void and Law will be heading into battle.” Turning his attention to the two mentioned Anbu members. . .

“Law, you along with a couple of Kirigakure shinobi will be patrolling the hospital parameter taking out any enemy shinobi that dares to attack the establishment. While you are doing that Void will be helping with the sick and injured. You two will meet up with a runner who will direct you to our location, as such you will join back up with us. But you will only do so after fulfilling your other duties. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Sir. . .”

“Good! Now move out!”

No sooner had the words left the captain's mouth, both parties disappeared in their respective body flickers, leaving dust and water particles behind, the only evidences that they were there.

No sooner after arriving to the hospital, Guanyin Nanashi or the Void masked Anbu member was put straight to work on healing the injured. Now not being one who was new in seeing various types of injuries, being one of Iwagakure more forefront medical shinobi, Nanashi thought nothing would surprise him. He was dead wrong! From room to room he got glimpses of the terror that was war, of the hell that his comrades thrust themselves into, everywhere he looked there broken and battled bodies, wounds varying from broken bones, limbs having been torn off, flesh having been burnt to a crisp, flesh turned into hamburger meat, if you could imagine the wound Nanashi had the unpleasant joy of seeing it and it tested Nanashi's resolved as a medic and shinobi.

Stepping out of the most recent and somewhat successful surgery, Nanashi slouched down in a chair to catch a breather, not caring what others were seeing. The man had spent several hours on his feet tending or supervising others as they healed the injured and sick. He was tired, his chakra was low, and he was hungry, and want to take a small n –


God damnit! Snapping his head towards the general direction of the voice, Nanashi eyed the medic that was coming towards him holding a medical file.

“This has just came down from the higher ups. They need you to perform a transplant on a patient, that's the utter most importance.” The male medic said handing the beige folder to the medic Anbu, who began thumbing through the files, eyebrow raising slightly at the information within.

Well this is interesting. . .

Looking back up at the medic, Nanashi begin to address him “When will Aisu Strafe be in?”

“He should be arriving in an hour or so. . .”

“Okay. Is there an available operation room and will I be paid for this?” Hey just because a war that could decided the faith of Kirigakure was going on didn't mean the man couldn't make a profit. . .

“Yes and yes. They are willing to pay you the standard price for a transplant.”

Nodding in approval Nanashi stood up, bones popping as he stretched, hand disappearing into a pocket and pulling out a chakra pill before consuming it. The chakra pill itself would replenish his chakra reserves along with given him the needed energy to continue onward for the next two days or so. The chakra pills itself might seem to be a good thing but there's a downside to it, they are addicting, one can easily get hooked on the small capsules, becoming reliant on them. And Nanashi wasn't planned on getting hooked onto them.

“Well than I will head towards the operation room and prep it for the surgery. You my friend will escort Strafe there upon arrival.”

With that said Nanashi disappeared down the hallways, towards the room to empty operation room. . .

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Strafe Aisu

Strafe Aisu

A smile dawned the face of the Sannin as he rushed towards the building that had become a second home in his time as a medical ninja. The Kirigakure General Hospital was where he had taken his big steps in learning and improving the craft that his caring for people and healing them. It was the biggest privilege he had known in his life thus far and he was proud to be a medical shinobi of the mist. However, this was something a little different than his usual visits to the building. He was going to be the one that would be cared for, which was an experience was not familiar with. His goal as a shinobi was to preserve himself so he could help as many people as possible. His purpose of going to the hospital was to have an eye that was given to him by a patient transplanted. Even more unique was the fact that a ninja from outside the village would be doing the procedure. Apparently, this Iwagakure shinobi was the top medical ninja from the land of earth, and he was anxious to meet his equivalent. Finding people who practiced and excelled in medical ninjutsu was rare, so this would be a treat for the Aisu member.

As he bounced from rooftop to rooftop, his mind retreated to the day that he recovered the "Stunning Eye" that he was about to have implanted in his head. He could remember the man's face vividly, as it was not only handsome in looks but genuine in the expression of thanks that it showed. His name was Sasori, and he was the first ninja that Strafe had ever transplanted an eye on. Not only that, but Strafe saved the man's life that day. He was more than happy to do so, as Konoha was a long time ally of the mist, so saving one of their Anbu was a wonderful feeling. As Strafe neared the familiar structure, his ocean blue eyes gleamed with excitement. Not only would this be an opportunity to become stronger as a shinobi, but it would be a way to remember that day for the rest of his life. His hand naturally moved to his bag, rubbing the vile that held the eye. It's green hue was something that would be change from his deep blue colored eyes, but it was an easy adjustment to make.

Snapping his head back to the reality at hand, he jumped only a few more times before landing in front of the Hospital. The doors were wide open because of the large increase of patients. As much as he tried to avoid the thought of it, Kirigakure was in a war and many people were being injured. As much as he would like to stay at this hospital and help, he was needed in the field to treat patients there and defend the nation he loved so dearly. He stepped through the threshold with confidence as he glanced at the various patients waiting to be tended too. The site was one of true torture for Strafe. He wanted so badly to heal these people on the spot, as it was his nature. However, he resisted and walked up to the nearest staff member he could find. It was a woman that he did not recognize, meaning she was probably new to the hospital. "I'm Strafe Aisu. Do you know where the Iwagakure ninja is?" He asked hoping not to take up too much of her time. "Of course Lord Strafe, he is in the last room on hall D." She said with a forced smile as she rushed to speak with another patient and organize his healing.

He nodded in thanks and started to rush to his destination. Many thoughts sped through his head as she moved through the clean white halls of the building. The screams of the injured polluted the air around him, making him cringe with sympathy as he had to ignore them and continue on. If anything, this Doujutsu could be mean him winning a battle that could turn the tide of this war. The last time he fought Seven Bells, he was lucky to come out unscratched. Momaru, however, wasn't so lucky. Strafe had almost lost his dear friend that day, and he was going to make sure he never had to loose him. He would defeat his enemy and protect Kirigakure till his dying breathe. He owed Lord Solstice that much after how far she had brought this village. Lord Sero was a wonderful Mizukage, and she had taken the village even further, making them stronger and uniting them under her leadership. The village would survive this. The had too.

He turned a corner, noticing the sign beside him as he moved forward. He was now on hall D. He increased his speed subconsciously, hoping to get this done as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Kirigakure lacked a lot of high level medics, which is why this Iwagakure ninja was necessary. The only other person that could perform such a task was Isamu, and he was much to busy keeping those on the front lines alive. The opposition used puppets for soliders, and a lot of them. Kirigakure didn't have that priviledge, so they had to keep the ninja they had at full strength. Only a few years ago, Kirigakure wouldn't have survived this, but they were stronger now and would push through the adversity. Strafe slid to a stop as he noticed that he was at his room. He opened the door calmly, as not to startle the ninja that was to take care of him at such a critical state. As a medical ninja, you needed to be fully calm and focused to do these surgeries correctly.

He walked through the door with a smile upon his face, despite his troubled soul. It was time to get started with a few hours that would change his life.

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Hospital hall D, room #215, Nanashi himself was impressed with the equipment that were within the operation room; everything from heart monitors to blood transfusions machines were neatly placed within the spacious area, and there dead smack in the middle as an operation table covered in the standard linens and likes. While the equipment wasn't as extensive as the hospital in Iwagakure no Sato, it was pretty damn close, and it was that reason why it surprised him. Than again it really shouldn't, for unknowing to many but a select few is that for the past century of so there has been a Medical Arms race between Iwagakure no Sato and Kirigakure no Sato. After the fall of the great medics of Konohagakure, there were a lack of professional medics, many having forgotten the pros of having qualified physicians, and going back to the days of the 2nd shinobi war were everybody and their mother was specializing in something else. Though for whatever reason both Iwagakure and Kirigakure saw the eras of their ways, and started to increase their medical facility, each one wanting to out do the other in that department, thus that's how the medical arm race between the two villages started. . .

And unlike other arm races this one wasn't violent, it's more of a friendly competition between the Rock and Water Nations, nothing more or less.

Shaking his head to clear out any stray thoughts, the screams of the injured patients in the other room and the hysteria of parents crying when finding out their child was lost, all his attention were need on performing this surgery to the best of his ability. And unlike the other one he done he wouldn't have the backing of his mentor Sakino Marise backing him, the whole surgery was riding on him and him alone. Oh and did he mention that the man who he'll be working on was a legend within the village and well liked? Yeah no pressure. . .

With his thoughts cleared Nanashi began getting up the room for the upcoming patient, along with get dressed in a set of scrubs that were provided by the staff. Sadly the man couldn't where his Anbu mask, more so for the patient to see a friendly face, and not some mask individual. More of a mental thing than anything else. . .

At the sound of the door opening, his head tilted to the general direction, his lone yellow eye looking at the man who walked through the opening “Are you Aisu Strafe?” He inquired, his voice being slightly feminine which matched his feminine facial feature. He would continue speaking once he got confirmation from the man “I'm Guanyin Nanashi, Special Jounin of Iwagakure no Sato and future head medic of Iwagakure Hospital. I was told that you are in need for an eye transplant? If that's the case please direct yourself to the operation table, and we can get started.” While Nanashi would have enjoyed having more of a conversation with the man, the sounds of explosions outside remained them both that Kirigakure were in a war and such pleasantries could wait. . .

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Strafe Aisu

Strafe Aisu

As the anxious ninja entered the operating room, his eyes fell upon a man that was confusing to say the least. His unique silver colored hair and soft features made him a handsome man. However, his voice was also a bit feminine, making Strafe question whether this person was a male or female. He didn't really want to be rude and piss the shinobi off, consider what lied ahead of him. He was going to have Strafe's live in his hand, so a casual and polite approach was always the best option. Strafe's face stayed kind in expression as these thoughts ran though his head. Despite his hesitations, he was always kind and hopeful in situations like this. He had to be with the horrifying screams that resounded through the hectic halls of the hospital. Strafe's posture was one that resembled positivity and his eyes were a symbol of hope to those he healed. Hopefully, this person would be encourage by the trust that Strafe put in him.

"Yes, I am Aisu Strafe." He responded politely with a slight bow of the head. The man then introduced himself as a Special Jounin by the name of Nanashi. To be such a well respected medical ninja at only Special Jounin was quite a feat. Nanashi must have some kind of talent with the practice, as he did not look older by any means. The ninja radiated confidence in his abilities, which was a great sign. Often times, Medics who were not sure of their level of skill made mistakes by hesitating in crucial moments. "Thank you for helping Kirigakure out in such a crucial time for our village. We are eternally in your debt. Hopefully we will be able to return the favor in the future." Strafe spoke with a genuine tone as he gave the man a look that would let him know how much it meant. He was helping Kirigakure more than he knew, and Strafe was more than happy to pay him for his efforts. In fact, he would feel quite bad if the man wasn't rewarded for his hard work.

As Strafe finished speaking he walked briskly over to the operation table, laying on it with grace as he took a few deep breathe to calm any last minute nerves. This was his first operation as a patient after all, so the nerves were more than expected for such a seasoned medic. His eyes stared at the bland walls and ceiling if the room, noticing the non threatening setting the place provided. White walls and ceilings made to reflect light and give a sense of hope to the patients. There were a few paintings on the walls in various places around the room. each one gave a positive seen to help encourage those who had to suffer through intense surgeries. The table beside his head held the instruments he knew all to well. A scalpel, used for making clean cuts on the tissue, and a mirror to help see through difficult angles, among other things that were standard medical practice. He adjusted his body on the table, getting a good position under the light to make this as easy for Nanashi as possible. The faster they got this done, the faster he. Luke get back out to the battlefield to save more lives.

As he laid there on the cold table, he started to wonder what it would be like to have a Dojutsu. He wasn't personally close to anyone that bad one, so he wasn't sure what to expect out of it. He had heard legends of the Stunning Eye and it's beautiful cyan sparkle once activated from legends, but he had never seen it in person. The Karisuma clan was the originator of this Doujutsu, and there were none that he knew of in Kirigakure. Would it be painful his first time using it? Would it changed the way he saw the world around him? Only time could tell, but he couldn't help but let his mind wander through the possibilities like a child looking through a toy store. Not only was the eye aesthetically pleasing, but it was also quite powerful in its own right. It was able to stun enemies by simple eye contact, a power that would make it quite useful in the battlefield for stopping the enemy to heal his comrades. If he was honest, this was the perfect Doujutsu to have.

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“Thank you for helping Kirigakure out in such a crucial time for our village. We are eternally in your debt. Hopefully we will be able to return the favor in the future.”

Those were the words of the man, who identified himself as Aisu Strafe, the man who will be getting a surgery performed on by not one of his shinobi, but from another village shinobi. Guanyin Nanashi idly noted the how much faith the Aisu male had putted into this foreign shinobi. There wasn't any doubt in him that Nanashi would be able to perform this surgery well, without potentially jeopardizing his health in the process. Yes, the silver haired man was able to discern that from just the simple statement of gratitude that he showed. And Nanashi couldn't help but to feel glad that despite being from different villages that the man wasn't paranoid about having the silver haired medic from a different village being the one to perform this most delicate operation.

Speaking of the operation. . .

Nanashi moved towards the container that held the eye that he would soon be implanting into the Aisu's eye. If memory served the medic right, the dazzling eye that was floating in a medical jelly was from the Karisuma clan, and was known simply as the “Stunning Eye.”. Unlike so many other doujutsu out there this one didn't have stages. The eye simply had one powerful, supplementary ability that the bearer must train to increase it's potency. It were truly a beautiful, simplistic optical organ, that's visible pleasing to look it, unlike the sharingan of the Uchiha clan. Being a medic, and having a natural curiosity in wondering how things work, Nanashi would have love nothing more but to dissect it and unlock internal workings, but sadly he couldn't do such a thing for this eye belongs to the man who was now laying on the table, patiently waiting for the surgery to begin.

Maybe one day I would have my own. . .

He mused to himself, mentally stroking his own empty socket that once held a yellow orb, but was unfortunately destroyed by the bastard known as Uzumaki ****. Nanashi vowed that one day he will find another eye to place in that socket, and hunt down the man who's responsible for him to lose his.

Focus. . .

Standing a front of the stand, hovering over the prone body of Aisu Strafe, Nanashi began to speak to the man, given him a run down on what exactly will be occurring and what to expect afterward “In my time as a medic I have founded a way to manipulate the natural occurring serotonins within the human body. This is done by me expelling a fine mist which will get absorbed into your body, almost instantly you will feel drowiness and shortly later succumb to sleep. It'll be doing this slumber that I will be performing the surgery. Once the surgery is over, I will wake you from your sleep. Once awake I would suggest you wait for a few minutes before using the new eye, given the connected nerves enough time to properly heal. Understand?” He asked, while connected up the machinery to keep track of the man's health, if there wasn't any further question, Nanashi began a series of hand signs, chakra building up in his lungs, before expelling in a fine mist towards Aisu Strafe.

Three seconds. . .

That how long it took before the man was in a deep slumber, rechecking the heart monitor to make sure that everything was going correctly, and seeing how it was, Nanashi began to perform the delicate surgery of removing one eye and replacing it with another.

Server the nerves.

Remove the eye.

Connected Severed nerves with new eye's nerves. Applied medical chakra, healing the nerves and making it so the body doesn't reject the new eye.

Checking to make sure everything was connected.

The disconnecting and reconnecting of the new eye took roughly thirty minutes, with everything going as perfect as a surgery to go, now the only thing that was left were to wake up the man who was sleeping rather peaceful. Nanashi would do this by once again manipulating the Serotonin causing the body to wake up from it's slumber.

He would allow Strafe to get his bearing straight before asking the important question “How do you feel?”

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Strafe Aisu

Strafe Aisu

As Strafe laid there waiting for Nanashi to start the surgery, his mind wondered to the people of the village. How was the Mizukage fairing in this war? How where the other Sannin doing? How was Tenmei and Isamu? He could help but worry over the well being of those he care about. It was in his nature to desire to be out there defending and supporting them in battle. Unfortunately, he was needed here to get the eye transplanted into his body. He would be able to better serve the village this way. He would return to the fray once this was finished, of that he assured himself. As his mind raced with these thoughts, Nanashi started to speak, bringing his attention back to the process at hand. As the Iwagakure shinobi spoke, he explained the way he would put Strafe to sleep. The jutsu sounded rather pleasant, not to mention that sleep was not something Strafe was too familiar with these past few days. How could he get any kind of rest with what was going on around him? He would now get that chance, and for that, he was grateful. He watched as Nanashi built chakra and formed a hand sign to prepare the jutsu. As he opened his mouth, he released a lite mist that was cool to the touch. Immediately, he saw the light above reflect off the mist's surface brilliantly. His breathing was slow and calm as he became drowsy. Not fighting it in the least, he started to fade, seeing Nanashi grab tools and prepare to start the surgery itself. Within a minute, Strafe fell into a deep slumber.

light flashed sporadically as the area around was filled with tattered buildings. Where was he? Strafe stood by himself as he suddenly noticed a fight unfolding in front of him. He recognized the face of an elegant warrior. Her hair was blue like the ocean tide and her movements were sharp and precise. Strafe recognized her as Aisu, Solstice, the Mizukage of Kirigakue. She fought relentlessly against her opponent, making almost perfect decisions as she started to take the upper hand in the battle. Squinting his eyes, The Sannin started to make out the man that she was engaging in battle. A dark smog of chakra surrounded his body and he moved arrogantly. Could this be the man that was leading the army they faced? The resounding sound of a high toned bell rang through the area, confirming his speculations. It was indeed Seven Bells, and he seemed to be on the loosing side of this fight. The medic ninja stood there with a sense of pride overwhelming his body. Solstice had her opponent cornered. She would deliver a mighty blow to his stomach, causing him to expel blood on the ground below. She reached back one more time to deliver the final blow. This was it. The end to the war that had ravaged the village. Just as the strike was about to land, darkness enveloped the area.

A wave of terror swept over Strafe as he lost sight of his comrade and of his enemy. His eyes darted back and forth, searching for some form of light. Once again brilliant flashes of light appeared around him, causing him to blink in discomfort. When his sight came back, he could once again see two people on the battlefield in front of him. He focused his vision on the two, hoping to get some clue as to who they were. The two bodies moved gracefully as the clanging of metal rushed through his ears. This was a sword fight, or so it seemed. Two katanas glanced off each other like a dance as the intense confrontation ensued. As he watched the exchange, he recognized the long blue hair and and sword of one of them. It was Lord Yuudai, one of his fellow Sannin of the mist. Strafe tried to move his body to help his comrade, but felt an overwhelming resistance by a force that was indescribable. He was forced to watch once again as Yuudai parried and went for the killing blow on his opponent. He recognized her as one if Seven Bells generals. He hadn't met her in battle yet, but knew she weilded a sword based in the injury reports of the Konoha ninja that was present during Seven Bells initial attack. The sword was about to pierce the skin of the devilish woman when once again, darkness swallowed the scene, leaving the ending unknown.

Prepared for the darkness, Strafe focused on adjusting to it. Failing to do so, he realized it would take those flashes of light to once again restore his sight. On cue, vibrant colors appeared before him. After they subsided, he onced again heard the sound if was full the area. His eyes moved directly to the duo in front of him. An educated guess would be that it was a Kirigakure shinobi versus a member of Seven Bells' army. Using all his mental focus, he immediately started to recognize these two. A hammer that could never forget dawned the hand of one of the combatants. This person was Lord Kaguza, fellow Sannin of the Mist. That would mean that the other person was him. The man that almost took the life of an Anbu member. Ghastly claws of chakra rose from his hands as the two of them clashed in a brutal meeting. A show of strength was obviously at hand as the ground below them cracked with each step. Using the hammers size and reach to his advantage, Kaguza broke through the claws and aimed from the chest of his enemy. If it landed, it would mean death for Io, the other general of Seven Bells. Just like the other times, that fight faded into the shadows as he was not privileged enough to see the outcome. As he stood in the darkness, he could not help but to wonder why. Was he to die in the battle to come? Was it because he was not present to help them? If he were able, tears would have streamed down his face. However, he resisted to prove a point. He was in control and would be there for his comrades.

Suddenly, light returned to his sight, but not like the others. He opened his eyes to see Nanashi standing over him. A sigh of relief escaped his lips as he realized that the surgery was over and a success. He felt no pain in his left eye, which was a great sign. The grey hairs ninja then addressed him, asking how he felt. "It feels great. You did a good job." The Sannin replied with a smile as he used the moment to look around the room. All the basic functions of the eye were working. Depth perception was good and he had full mobility in it. Everything was crystal clear as he sat up and released an involuntary yawn. He blushed slightly before raising up off the table and onto his feet. "Once again, I can not thank you enough. Here is your payment." Strafe pulled out his wallet with his right hand. Rummaging through the various bills in there, he pulled out the correct amount and handed it to the man with a slight bow. He hoped that the money served the ninja well, as he earned it more than he knew. Strafe then turned to the door and walked out quickly, rushing down the halls as he dodging incoming patients and medics alike. Leaving the building he ran back into the fray that was war.

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