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Daraku had prepared the necessary requirements for the long journey the day before, and prepared a plan for the clansmen. The Ishido that wished to stay in Konohagakure were given that freedom, and weren't to be forced to accompany the rest to Sunagakure. Although the Truth Compound was left in flames and rather derelict, the major damages were repaired and it still served as a fitting living space. A large majority of them decided to stay, but still supported Daraku with their whole hearts. Those that wished to come with him back to Kaze no Kuni had themselves packed and ready to go, a group of around a dozen men and 3 women. Only about half of this group were ninja, but paired with Daraku's own strength, that would be enough to ensure the caravan's safety. They moved along using the carriage that Fuiyoka had always used on trips between nations, with the civilians without ninja skills sitting inside and the ninjas and Daraku outside guarding and one of the male civilians steering the horses when necessary. They left Konoha around 12 PM, with high hopes and yet nervous dispositions.

As happy as he was, Daraku felt unusual knowing that just a few months ago he was training in Iwagakure, with a hatred for all Pursuers of Truth, not just Fuiyoka. Everything had changed, that was certain, for even though he'd killed so many Pursuers in his raid on the Compound, they only pushed the blame on Fuiyoka and it led to a revolt against her. The bad blood between the two factions of his clans was just overhyped; in truth, they simply had be separated for so long that it became the general agreement and almost second nature to hate one another without need or cause for a purpose to do so. Now that the two halves could be whole again, the Pursuers were willing to make a compromise. It would be up to Daraku to ensure that the Seekers would make the same adjustments to make the Clan whole again...and what of Tsurugi, Daraku's father? A different story entirely, what would surely be a bloody battle. Tsurugi had always been a martyr at heart, and this would be the cause he finally would end up dying for, if everything went as planned.

Over a period of days that felt like years, the heat intensified and the land became barren and dry. Sand was abundant, and the distant sky was marred by dust and sandstorms. The familiar climate of Sunagakure brought a rush of nostalgia to Daraku. He'd hated the place so much when he was living there, but in the year since his defection, he'd grown so homesick, and he learned what to appreciate even in such an arid place of origin as this. Nothing was the same as it was then, but his feelings for the village remained. The caravan stopped at the bold village gate, and everyone exited. The horses were left at a nearby stable; the group gathered outside of the gates, looking to Daraku for further guidance.

"This is it. Those of you that aren't ninja, just linger around the village and do whatever you wish, I'll find you myself when everything is said and done escort you back to the Ishido Stronghold. Everyone else, just follow my lead, we'll storm the castle directly but won't kill anyone unless provoked to. Well, except for my father, but that will be a battle for me to fight alone. Got it? Good. Let's move out."



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