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It was a more depressing view. The sight of what it once was, was nothing more than just rubble. It was field with traps and less terrorizing missing-nin, things that the male was not even terrified of at the moment. His arrival in Kirigakure was subtle and swift, as he vowed himself to be there for only a short period of time. He had arrived back to his old home land, wanting to see the ruin that his clan had once started: the Osada Clan. From what he remembered, the ruins was started by a man known as Sero Osada, the Mizukage after Jurou. He remembered correctly. He was in Sunagakure at the time, tending to his wounds from his battle with Gin, and tending to his kids for a year because they originally lived in Sunagakure at the time. He promised the Kazekage, Gin Kuroka, at that time that he would sacrifice his village for his kids, something that was not decided by him when he was sixteen... when he first got her pregnant. In return, Sero Osada requested to help rebuild the village, in which Jurou had accepted and had Sero tell people that he would be back in precisely one year from then. Unfortunately, that never happened. That was eight to nine years ago. News was around that Sero died and another Mizukage took his place, and at that time, the ruins that were from the three major clans in Kirigakure: Aisu, Kaguya, and Osada, were gone from existence. He vowed himself to stay in the wilderness until the time was right to show his face in the actual village once more. He had heard disturbance messages all from Kirigakure that it was being terrorized by a man called "Seven Bells." Some still say he resided in Kirigakure at the time that Sero Osada was the Mizukage. And now, he's still here.

Walking to the ruins, he glanced at the overwhelming destruction of the temples, mostly the Osada clan, his clan, the clan he started when he was a Special Jonin, the clan he was leader of now, or ex-leader. He walked along the pebbles and stepped over a few rocks, and eventually found himself going inside the Osada clan temple. Eight to nine years... and it was nothing but pure dust and rocks. He sighed at the site of this contraption, leaving the Osada temple ruins but leaping onward to the rooftop and staying there, keeping his eyes on a full moon. It was late out, and evidently he was beginning to drift himself off into a deep sleep.

Sounds were being heard when he dozed off. He had to remain alert and keep his eyes open, unless these baby ninja wanted a piece of Jurou Osada himself. "..." No words were being said as multiple chakra signatures started to come his way. He really did not care. As long as he was home, he was fine where he was at right now. He was willing to aid Kirigakure, but another part of him was telling to take sides with the "Seven Bells" person. He heard that he himself was very powerful among two lieutenants that served him quite well. He scoffed at the thought of such.

"Aoi Bara... good intentions from bad people." His words were of a raspy tone that was more emotionless than his face.

He exited the Temple Ruins that had housed his memories of what the Osada Clan used to be. Now, it was nothing more than a figment of his imagination.



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