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Riful paced quickly in the streets of Iwagakure, she was almost late for her “mission”, babysitting. Riful was a Genin, so she could not take the more exciting and dangerous missions. However, the positives to this mission was that it was babysitting young children, which she thought was worth it, since children were so much entertaining and fun to be around compared to adults. Riful was late since she could not find one of her favorite toys, and by the time she had found it, she noticed that she could be late for the mission. Riful decided that she would be late if she just ran there, so she decided cheat a bit, Riful used a few hand seals, using “Dance of the Yasunori”, then she used her Fuuton Release to make a breeze go by. Riful, in her paper form, flew incredibly quickly towards her destination, with the wind carrying her extra-light paper body. Riful crashed into a few walls, but she was okay for the most part and finally managed to arrive at the destination of the mission, just as the parents went outside.

Riful stopped mid-air, right in front of the parents. Riful cancelled her Kekkei Genkai, and stood in front of them, saying “How are you doing, I am here to take care of your children tonight”. The parents eyed her warily, and decided to leave without saying anything to Riful. Riful walks into the home, where the door was opened, and saw three children inside the house, who were staring at Riful with wide eyes. Riful, breaking the silence, said “So, who wants to play origami?” One of the children, the youngest, a young girl asked “What’s origami”. Riful, using very little of her Kekkei Genkai made a small paper butterfly and made it fly to the little girl. The little girl shrieked in excitement and amazement, and the other two children stared at the paper butterfly with shock and curiosity. The girl grabbed a hold of the paper butterfly, and held it, observing it with curiosity. “How did you do that”, said the girl as she looked up and asked Riful. Riful, sat down on top of a nearby couch, and responded “That is origami, and I used magic!” Riful said playfully. The youngest girl asked “Can you teach me how to use magic too?” while the oldest child, a boy about the age of 9, rolled his eyes and said “Idiot, it’s a jutsu, can’t you see that?” Riful wrapped the boy’s body in paper, leaving room to see, hear, and breathe, levitated him to her height, looked him straight in the eye, and told him very scarily, “Its magic”. The boy was shivering in fear, and Riful said playfully, “I am glad we could come to an agreement”.

The evening went very fast and normally, compared to the first part. Riful made some food for the children, played with the little girl with Riful’s own dolls, while the middle child scribbled on his notebook all evening. While the oldest boy, the one that Riful frightened, barricaded himself in his room, fearing Riful. The parents came home, and Riful greeted them. “How was the evening”, the mother asked, to which Riful replied “It was very fun, we played and showed each other’s dolls”, while Riful eyed the little girl. The little girl nodded, and said “Yeah, she’s really nice!” The mother asked her middle child how the evening went, to which he looked at her, and then nodded. The mother asked where her oldest child went, to which Riful said “He went to sleep a little bit ago”. The mother said “Good job” to Riful, and gave her reward money. Riful left the home, waving goodbye to the little girl, her new play-mate.


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