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Nakashima searched the mission board for any jobs available. He noticed many D rank mission, which were perfect for a rookie gennin such as himself. One caught his eye as an exceptionally easy mission. The mission required him to help an old man catch his lost fish. Simple enough, he thought to himself, easy money. And with that he took the mission and heading off in the direction of the mans house address.
Nakasima approached the address of the client, he would walk up to the door and knock. There is no answer. Nakashima continues to knock on the door for what felt like hours, but in actual fact it was about 15 minutes. Want the easily made money he decided to search around for someone. He scaled the fence to the side of the house and began to walk into this very peaceful garden. In the distance he thought he could hear a grown man's sobs. He quickly picked up his walking pace in the direction of the noise. On approach he noticed a man sitting beside a small pond with his head in his hands. Nakashima approached the man and asked if he could be of any assistance. The man informed him of his situation, he had lost his fish in this pond full of fish and was having trouble finding his fish. Nakashima was delighted to here this as this was the job he had selected off the mission board. Okay Sir, I think I can help you with your problem.
Nakashima took the old mans net from him and waded into the 1 meter deep pond, as he did this all the fish scattered. He turns to the old man, with a grin on his face, he asks you wanted it dead or alive right? The look on the old mans face made Nakashima laugh and quickly responded with I'm only joking, of course it doesn't matter. He started to move it in a clockwise fashion through the schools of fish. He had caught about three fish in the processes. The moved to the side of the pond and exited it to the dry edge. Two of the fish weren't even goldfish, so of course they weren't worth asking the old man. The other was a gold fish though, so Nakashima offered it to the old man hoping that it would be the one, but unfortunately for Nakashima this was not the fish he was looking for. The old man stated that his prize winning fish was slightly bigger and didn't have the unsightly marks that this one had received over its years of wild life.
So Nakashima waded back into the pond again hoping that this would be over soon. After about 10 more minutes of the same motion as before Nakashima had caught about five more fish. Thinking to himself that surely the old mans fish would be here he once again got out of the pond to show the old man. This time three of the fish were goldfish and two were not. He presented these to the old man for a second time only to be rejected again as these were also not the right fish. Nakashima put these fish back in the pond and climbed in for what he was hoping was the final time. While fishing Ryou turned to the man and asked how do you lose a fish, I mean seriously they can;t just run away. And another question how do you know its even in here. The old man just looked over at Nakashima blankly and turned back to his reading. Once again after about 10 more minutes of fishing Nakashima had caught another 2 fish. The got out of the pond for the third time and presented the two goldfish to the old man. A smile opened up on the old mans face. This was his fish, he was so happy he could barley contain himself. He thanked Nakashima and bid him good day.

Word Count 600/600
Katon C=>B: 642/2000

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