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Nakashima Ryou

Nakashima Ryou

Special Jounin
Nakashima had just returned from completing another mission when he noticed this mission had been placed on the board. The mission stated that the city planning commission needed some paid volunteers to help map out the old districts, tunnels and structures in the mountains of Iwagakure. It also stated that he would have to be careful of cave-ins and many dead ends. This did not seem like a hard mission for Nakshima but pay was pay, and he needed it badly. So nakshima took the mission without flinching and off he went. Now Nakashima wasn't that good at drawing maps or anything for that matter and wasn't really much of an explorer, the most exploring he would do would be to find the closest tree to sleep under. But this didn't worry him as he thought to himself how hard can it actually be, I'll just draw some paths here and there, they don;t have to be to detailed or good for that matter.

So Nakashima set off on his exploration mission. He started by walking towards the gates of the village thinking of what he will find today and wondering if he would find something of any interest to anyone or for that matter anything useful at all. He reached the gates by midday and he decided he would go to the western most cave systems the map and identify tunnels and tunnel cracks. He approached a cave that loomed high over them, he guessed twenty feet or more high, he started to walk in noticing the wall around it looking for possible cracks or possible cave ins, he noticed that there was a crack that ran from the ground all the way to top of the cave and then back down on the other side, this did not look promising to him or in anyway safe so he took a note of its position and continued on. This cave was pretty safe so far and he hadn't had much trouble with dead ends and such. As well as there had been no cave ins that he had noticed from the past maps he studied or had happened while he was there. He decided that he was quite tired, he walked all that day and well into the night, when it began to get so dark that he could no longer see a thing he decided to stop and have a rest for a short period of time. After all he had been walking all day and thought that he would deserve a rest.

Nakashima didn't realize at the time but he had slowly drifted off into a deep sleep during his rest period. He couldn't see sunlight as he was inside a cave, so couldn't tell exactly how long he had been sleeping for but he knew he had been asleep for a while. He got to his feet and rubbed his eyes. He created a fire in his had like he had done like before and set off in the direction of the exit. He had done it, Nakashima had managed to get himself lost, he had wondered in circles the day before without even realizing it. No wonder all the maps seemed to be up to date, because he was actually only about 100 meters from the entrance, so the path had been explored quite regularly. Nakashima felt like such an idiot but didn't really care as he was still going to be paid for it. Nakashima exited the cave and wandered at a slow paced to where he had to give the maps, handing them over and receiving his payment Nakashima returned home for what he felt was a well deserved meal.

Word count 600/600
Katon C=>B: 574/2000

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