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Seth Lualdi


Seth stood in the middle of the crowd of the busy market street. It was midday and the hustle and bustle hit Seth like a wave pushing him back and forth, with enough force to make it near impossible to stay in place. Normally Seth would not be out in the crowd like this and would just travel over it by jumping from roof to roof, but today there was a reason for him to be in the crowd. His mother had tasked him with learning a new justu. She said that any self-respecting shinobi had to learn this jutsu. The jutsu was called the body flicker technique. It was a justu that when used, masks the users movements by picking up debris, such as leafs, or sand to allow the user of the jutsu to make a quick escape. This basically meant that it was the perfect skill for running away. As any true shinobi knows that the ability to run away from a fight you can’t win is just as important as being able to fight.
Seth had devised a plan on how he was going to learn this justu. That was why he was in the middle of the market street in the busiest part of the day. If he could master the use of the justu here while surrounded on all sides by crowds of people he could do it anywhere. His mother had already given him a scroll describing how to do it now he just had to implement it. The first part was the same as any other justu you had to build up a decent amount of chakra. After building up the chakra there was a series of hand signs that the caster was supposed to weave before the justu would activate. After activation chakra gets pumped in to the body and is used to drastically enhance the movement of the shinobi. The chakra also is used to pick up the debris that is used to mask the movements of the shinobi. The concept was simple and the amount of chakra was fairly small, the difficult part was controlling one’s movement during the jutsu. The only way Seth was going to get good at it was to practice.
Seth decided to take it easy for his first try. Instead of doing it in the middle of the crowd he made his way to a place off to the side. After all of the preparation Seth gave it a try. Seth suddenly found himself falling down towards the crowd of people going from shop to shop. With a heavy thud knocking over a few other people, Seth landed quite painfully on top of four very surprised people. After that awful first attempt Seth decided that one or two times just doing it down one of the allies with no one in it would not be a bad idea.
After relocating Seth tried doing the justu again with less people around for him to hurt. After a few times of making himself fall into people’s dumpsters Seth got good enough with the justu to at least go in the direction he wanted to go. Seth decided to step it up a notch. This time Seth stood in the crowd of people a few feet from the ally he was just in. The plan was to start simple. He would move from where he was to standing in the ally and hopefully not knocking over anyone in the process. Seth took a deep breath and went for it. Suddenly he was standing in the ally. He was about five feet from where he was aiming, but he was not in the air or on his butt so he decided to count that as a success. After a few more times showing the same results Seth finally managed to land on the spot he was aiming for. Now it was time for the hard part. Seth made his way into the center of the crowd. His goal was to make his way to the roof of one of the stores from their without disturbing the crowd. If he could do this in the middle of the crowd he should be able to do it in any situation. Seth charged up his chakra focusing on the point he want to move to. After forming the hand signs and a puff of smoke he found himself standing on top of the store’s roof. He had finally mastered the justu.                       
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