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Sousetsu Senju


Sousetsu could be found in the administration building one hour before midday. He stood with his hands behind his back and legs spaced apart slightly, giving off his honorable yet stoic look. The men before him sat behind a desk and skirmished through piles of paper which lay in heap. Sousetsu's eyes remained transfixed on the window, looking out at the streets of Konahagakure at the many people who walked the streets. Before long, one of the men cleared his throat with a small cough and looked upon the Sannin.

"So, you personally requested Yokochima, Senju?" the man asked intriguingly. He nodded in reply, maintaining his posture and still gazing out at the window. The man simply nodded in agreement and fetched the necessary papers before bringing them back for the Sannin. "There we go, Sousetsu. You will be captain of squad two, here are your students. They will be notified to meet you in the regular place." the man smiled as he continued handing the papers over to the Senju. "Thank you very much." he replied with a formal bow.

He retrieved the papers and began skirmishing through them also. Taking quick notes on anything he needed to know before he pressed on.

Name: Senju, Yokochima
Gender: Male
Age: Twelve
Birthday: February, Thirteenth

Meeting Yokochima before led Sousetsu to quickly glance through to see if there was not anything he did not yet know of him, but it seems to be the same. He had quite the unusual eyes which may or may not cause problems with his teammates but he was sure to treat them all equal. Of course, being a Senju himself, he knew the exact way to come across this student.

He continued ruffling through the papers until he came across another student.

Name: Chi, Rippā
Gender: Male
Age: twenty-three
Birthday: January, First

This young man was seen with an attached picture, just like any other but with a grin wore on his face. 'Bit of a troublemaker, eh?' Sousetsu thought to himself. It was not an eager grin, it was type of cheeky. No shirt and a leather coat accompanied the young mans clothing. White hair and blue eyes. A medic, however? Interesting to say the least. He did not know much of his clan however, so it was a learning curve for all with the introductions between the four.

He tossed these papers to the back of the pile and continued with his final student.

Name: Tensei, Riven
Gender: Female
Age: Fifteen
Birthday: May, tenth

White hair and violet eyes, a young beauty but with much potential. Her standard attire consisted of a black, backless, sleeveless undershirt, a black over-shirt with two white straps on each shoulder and a large red sash around her waist which was all he could make out as the picture was cut off from there. 'Quite the tenacious one I bet...' Sousetsu smirked with his thoughts analyzing the characters.

He folded the papers and placed them in his pouch which could be found around his waste. "I better get going. Thank you." He bowed formally before the men who did so in return. Upon leaving he looked to the sky. The sun peeked from the clouds giving off a fair day. It was the start of a new day, and a new journey. He dashed towards the gates and headed to the small south forest, there he would meet the new students of his for the first time.

When he arrived, it seemed as though he was still early. It was only around ten more minutes before midday. Their tardiness would also prove to add onto their personality if they exceeded the new given time limit. The early bird catches the worm some say and today was no different. He was both excited and worrisome of what they had to offer. Of course, Sousetsu would teach them his beliefs and hopefully they would adapt to what he had to offer. He stood in the center of the field, looking at the stream which lay on the outskirts before the trees. His arms folded and feet firm on the ground.

He could be seen in his attire which consisted of armour emblazoned with the Senju symbol worn over a simple black jumpsuit, with a distinctive white fur collar. This armour was constructed from numerous blue metal plates, formed into multiple protective guards along the wearers body, in particular: chest, waist, shoulders and upper arms. This was all accompanied by the 'High Frequency Blade' which lay across his lower back. The blade stood at three feet and three inches long, black customized handle with silver linings the outer blade.

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Rippa had been informed of the meeting of squad two for the first time. It was an interesting feeling to be a part of such a squad. Even if it was odd for some one his age to still be a genin. Still it was his own choice when he went into seclusion. He wanted to be the best doctor in Konoha and be able to save those who needed saving. Since he could not control his own power that mean using his medical ability. He had studied endless hours and practiced for years. Now he was nearing the peak of medical knowledge. Still he recalled the fear of the other students when they had witnessed his clans abilities. He worried that even though this was a newer generation that they might find him horrifying as well. Both where still close to the graduating age from the academy. And he had to admit the Chi's influence over blood was monster like. If he was forced to show what he could do he worried about things getting out of hand. About being shunned by his team mates when they would need to rely on him during certain points in their life's.

He smiled though as he ran his fingers over the head band that was presented to him. He would not hold it against them though. He was born here in Konoha and he would one day die defending it. After all for his clan he was middle aged. Half way through his life. No matter how Konoha viewed him he would make his mark before the end. He aimed for the position at the head of the medical divisions. and he would accept stopping at nothing less. For now there where steps to be taken. So he would go through the hoops until he was promoted and then really start showing them something. He grinned a little at his own confidence. He was certainly determined. If only he could control his murderous power. He wondered quietly if he should warn them about it. He sighed as he decided it was best. After all it required him being wounded and if they rushed to his aid likely they would be hurt by him.They deserved to know that if he was wounded it wouldn't be safe to be anywhere near him. So he would reveal his curse for the first time in years.

Still he looked himself over in the mirror. He had on a black tank top and his red coat. His black jeans and his steel toe boots with the steel toe on the outside. His head band was tied around his neck with the metal plate covering the front. He liked having it there as it covered a vital point. The neck was one of more difficult healing points as once blood began to flow from there one had about a minute to heal it before it caused some serious issues like death or blood filling the lungs. Lastly he put on his finger-less gloves. He was fully dressed and prepared now as he had no weapons to speak of. So he turned and walked out of his room in the guest house behind the Chi branches residence. The Angel branch had always been considered the wealthiest of the three branches and with his father being the head of the Angel path it was normal for him to be given such luxury. Still he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out the notice of the squad meeting. So they where to meet in the small forest? Interesting.

Quickly he scooted out the front door before the butler could ask of his days plans or inquire if he was intending to check in on his father. The man was in his late 40's which to the Chi meant he was on his death bed. His body failing. Rippa just didn't want to deal with it as death was something his medical knowledge could not heal. So instead he moved through the courtyard out onto the street and began to take a walk. It was an hour before midday so he had time to walk to where he was going. On his way he decided he would buy his squad lunch. So he stopped at the local Barbecue and ordered four meat dishes with a side of fried rice and steamed veggies. then had them all tied securely before checking the time. He still had forty minutes. He smiled as he moved along the road heading out of town towards the forest. He hoped that bringing the meals with him would break the ice and make them more comfortable with him before he revealed that he was a liability that would kill anything that got near him mindlessly if he was ever wounded.

Still as he exited the gate he moved in a comfortable long legged walk. After all he was taller then most of the people around him. And his white hair and red coat seemed to stick out more then anything. Still as he crossed the bridge over the river he noticed the meeting area was nearly empty. And it was almost a minute till mid day. Surely he would be considered on time as he stepped onto the field and looked on more time. A man was standing there in armor and a sword with some fur around the edges of his clothing. Likely that was the sensei. So he walked in that direction with one hand in his coat pocket and the other holding the lunches giving no thought to how a seasoned warrior might think that a threat. Still when he spoke his tone was warm and respectful and his smile reflected in his eyes. He was certainly a happy man. Nothing about him seemed tortured. As if he had never experienced the pain of some one dying in his arms. It was a sad future for him that he must be the one to try to stop so many from dying. That he would hold those he could not save in his arms and cry for them. Pray for them because he would never be strong enough to save everyone. Still he spoke in a way that was almost innocent.

"Sensei. I brought lunches for everyone. Oh! Dr. Chi Rippa reporting in for training."

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Yokochima Senju

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Yokochima was lying on the roof of his house, staring at the white clouds that were floating above him. It was a warm day and he could see the blue specks of sky between the white puffs. Right next to him, on one of the few clean plates he had in his home lied an open package of potato chips accompanied by some crumbs. On his belly was the small piece of paper that Sousetsu had written the location on where they could meet if Yokochima decided to follow the Sannin, covered in greasy fingerprints. Every once in a while Yokochima would take the paper into his hand and take a short look at it before sighting and putting his head back again. It was annoying him massively to have been forced into this situation, to have been given the agony of choice. On one side he wanted to go and learn the ways of a ninja from a sannin, on the other side the man seemed to be a pretty serious guy which meant the training would be boring, annoying and no different then what he was used to from ninja academy.
Ughhh....Midday, eh?
He didnt know the exact time, but it should be somewhat around the arranged time and he was still unsure whether to go or not to. It sure would be nice to learn what ever Sousetsu was content to teach him, after all he was the Leader of Yokochimas clan and as such he had a certain strength to boast. Yokochima slowly stood up and took his chips before stretching his body. After all, it was no use sitting around doing nothing, he could just as well meet up with Sousetsu for now. And if things didnt work out, he could still leave. It might be better then getting one of the other uptight teachers that did not have the same amount of experience and skill as Sousetsu did.
The young genin threw the chips in through the window and started moving. It was just a few moments into what he would call midday and if he would hurry he could probably make it just in time.
He slowed down just a few roofs further. What if Sousetsu would want to test his skills with the wood release? How would he explain to him that he was still unable to use the clans skills to create more than just a few grams of wood, barely enough for a few kunai or tools.
Well anyway, if anyone could ever teach me the wood release properly, then that would have to be the clan leader.
He smiled when he imagined how strong he could become after getting trained by the senju leader in person, then he continued his path to the southern forest. Soon afterwards he reached the first trees of said forest. He could smell the wood and the leafs minutes before he could see them. A yawn escaped his mouth as he approached the treeline. In his opinion it was still pretty early to train, but one had to go with the flow. When he reached the clearing he stopped for a moment. Not once did he think about the possibility of becoming part of a squad under Sousetsus supervision. He had been a member of a squad before and it did not turn out well. Nevertheless, he was here and he ought to try atleast. While he started to walk again he noticed many more things he didnt see before. The man standing before Sousetsu was way older than Yokochima, he seemed to be just as old as Sousetsu making the young senjsu think that he might be a jonin or chunnin atleast. The man had unusual white hair and a big red coat, an unusual feature for a genin strenghtening Yokochimas thought that he might be a jonin or chunnin.
Sousetsu had his usual blue armor with the white fur and was standing with crossed arms nearly in the middle of the place. He was looking no little less serious and strict than he did when Yokochima had met him in the barbecue restaurant.
Good morning, Sousetsu-san, how is it going? He waved and showed a broad grin.

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Yokochima talks.
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Ina Sov


A letter recieved; a summons? A request to meet her new sensei out in the small forest south of the village for thier first squad meeting.

Well well. It wouldnt do you any good to be late on your first squad meeting, now would it?

No, it would not.

Then I think you need to get a move on.

A hip pouch filled with kunai was strapped to her her right side, alongside a slightly smaller pouch filled with metsubishi. Next came the Ōdachi, strapped to her left side. The female doubted that she would need it, but this was a training session with her new squad. Perhaps it would best to show her best; no half-stepping, A-game only. Strapped to her left wrist came the hidden blade; also on her left side was the small drawstring pouch filled with Metsubishi. To complete ensamble, Riven'd donned a plain cloak to cover herself.


Out the door, mind wandering back to a scroll left in her mother's trunk as the body lept from rooftop to rooftop, branch to branch. A realitively simple jutsu by the name of Quickstep. According to her mother's notes, it was stolen by her from a former kage. A technique of speed, meant to boost one's speed and give them an edge in battle. Seems like something that was easy enough to practice on the go. As the female moved, her mind focused on her feet, attempting to envelop them in a small cushion of chakra. The chakra was mean to reduce friction between her foot and the surface that she ran upon, allowing her to move a bit easier, thus, moving faster.

Through the streets she went, weaving between civilians as if they stood still. It was fun to her. Push the body a bit more each day, make it work. The better the body, the more she could do. The sharper the mind, the more she could will herself to push the body. Passion was the fire, her body was the tinder and it was time to let it consume her. Legs pumping her through the streets, allowing her to duck and dodge the world around her until she passed through the gates and into the forest. Over fallen trees, tearing through the underbrush as she went.

The rush was exhilarating; the feeling of moving faster than she'd been able to before. Laughter rang out, excitement clear in her voice.  The entire time, she regulated the chakra flowing to her feet, imprinting to her memory the chakra level required to sustain the technique. Perhaps later, she would work to reduce the chakra needed to maintain the technique, but right now there was a task at hand to see to. Up head, she could see a small clearing, and within, three people.

Three males, was it? Mayhaps... this wouldn't be fun. Three men, each with their own personal, seemingly self-inflated ego. Sheesh.

A male with a sword, white hair and armor. Another with a loud red coat, white hair as well. One more, a blonde, with simple clothing.  None looked very impressive, not from his distance. As she moved closer, she nodded to the three, remaining silent for the moment.

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Yokochima Senju

Just mere seconds before Yokochima had reached the middle of the place, a third person emerged from the dense green of the forest. Seemingly with little effort the newcomer broke out of the bushes and onto the clearing. She had a grim looking face and her look seemed to tell him to leave her alone.
Yokochima sincerely hoped the two persons that were most likely older than him, werent his new teammates. Both the old man in the red coat and the woman with the serious face werent exactly the teammates he would have been hoping for IF he had been hoping for teammates. Which he wasnt.
Tch...damnit. I knew this was to good to be true.
Still smiling he faced Sousetsu. Duh, i hope i didnt interrupt some meeting or anything? After all there was still a chance that this all had been a misunderstanding and that both persons were just some chunnin or messenger ninjas and that they had nothing to do with him or Sousetsu after all. Altough something was telling him that this was not the case. I mean, i could just wait at the border of the clearing right? No need to stop doing what ever you are doing just because of me haha. The genin laughed and pointed back in the direction he came from. Altough nobody reacted he could almost feel their nerves stretching and so he decided to not push the ninjas that he did not know yet any further. Instead he pretended to check his pockets for his kunai and shuriken, only to realise that, once again, he had forgotten to take both with him. Damn, not again. They must be still lying near my bed at home...arghh how am i going to train with wooden weapons? He showed a face of despair, before quickly remembering he was still in public. At this time he was already regretting coming here. What he thought to be a relaxing private lesson with the clan leader became more and more of an annoying meet and greet with other ninjas, something he surely didnt like.

Who knows, maybe they will have some use in the future?...Like what?...Well for example they could make you look better by 'failing' if you know what i mean?
Yokochima could hear a silent snickering sound in his head. No, i dont know what you mean, and i am pretty sure i dont want to...Sometimes i really wonder why you even became a ninja in the beginning...Why you...

Yokochimas Face showed signs of anger for a second but reverted back to his grin right afterwards.

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Well now this was turning into an interesting meet. The Sensei was a silent stoic type that held his stance while all three arrived. Some what intimidating just standing there not acknowledging them. Still Rippa held back an amused smile while he moved over to a nearby bench and set the four lunches down. There where boxed and wrapped tightly in the bag so no worries of finding bugs in the food. Still he turned back and looked at what he could only assume was his team mates. One was a young man who didn't let his smile touch his...oh my now that was a pair of intimidating eyes. Still he held himself like a warrior. Even though Rippa couldn't really see any defining weapons on him. That was fine though. Rippa smirked at the fact that he could provide the team with solid enough weapons. It would just hurt a little bit. Still the moment of anger flashed across the kids face which concerned him. Still he spoke in reply.

"Hold on a second my excitable friend. Likely you got the same letter as I if your here now. Meaning this involves you. And I for one would be happy to be in a squad with you. You appear to be very strong."

Then the girl from the other day moved up to join them. Silent and angry as usual. His amused smile spread even further. He wondered if she still had her own assumptions. It was amusing to him that a flat chested girl considered him a pervert. She would need to go up no less then two cup sizes for his preferences. Still she held herself like a fighter as well. At least he could assume he had some strong team mates. Even if the Sensei was as still and as Silent as a tree. Still he spoke up again.

"At the very least lets get introductions out of the way. I am Chi Rippa. Your field medic and ranged support. Please be gentle with me."

Yokochima Senju

The very moment, that Yokochima noticed the lunch boxes he stopped moving. He could count four pakets which could only mean that the man who brought them along was going to share them with Yokochima, Sousetsu and the weird woman that was still watching the whole scene, apparently uninterested.
"Hold on a second my excitable friend. Likely you got the same letter as I if your here now. Meaning this involves you. And I for one would be happy to be in a squad with you. You appear to be very strong."
Altough he could hear the words, it took him a few more seconds to break the spell that the food had cast on him and look at the talking person. Letter? Did i get a letter? As far as he could rememberm Yokochima hadnt gotten any letters aside from the invitation a day or two ago and some other that he didnt even bother checking. Might have been a mistake...
But more importantly, what the stranger just said could only mean, that he was one of his new squadmembers. Yokochima decided to take a closer look at this new guy, first of all, because he brought lunch along and secondly, he did notice Yokochimas outstanding talent, both things that the young Senju did not expect today.
Haha, you bet i am, buddy! I happen to be one of the strongest Genins in the village, altough i probably dont look that way. But too look...good, i guess. He only mumbled the last two words, as it was very hard to gauge the potential of his apparent squadmember. On one hand he did seem confident enough in his abilities which would mean he probably had already one or two fights, on the other hand he was already pretty if he was still a genin or even a chunin it would mean he mustve never reached the level to pass the tests...
Also he did seem kind of spoiled, judging from his clothes and the fact that he could afford to bring additional lunch pakets along for his yet unknown squadmembers. Yokochima took a quick peek at Sousetsu, but his future teacher was still standing in the middle of the field, observing his students.
"At the very least lets get introductions out of the way. I am Chi Rippa. Your field medic and ranged support. Please be gentle with me." So he was a medic aswell as a ranged fighter? Yokochima had never seen any medic jutsus upclose, and he was pretty sure he would never do so in the future either.
Hahaha good idea, my name is Senju Yokochima, but you can call me Yoko! I am sort of a ranged fighter too i guess. Pleased to meet you, Sempai! The genin smiled as broad as he could. The man was obviously older then himself so the chances were quite high that he hadnt heared about Yokochima yet, which was quite rare. On the other hand though, Yokochima did not have that much contact to older ninjas aside from his senseis in the past few years.

Well there you go, somebody this old and still a 'squadmember' is probably either not that strong or otherwise disabled. And since he doesnt even know you yet, im sure you can use this to our benefit. Just make sure to keep the pole position...Oh shut it, i dont need you to give me some stupid advice! Besides, i will obviously keep the "pole position" as you call it without you telling me to do so!...

The only one he worried slightly about was the female standing just a few meters away from him. She hadnt participated in the discussion, nor did she react in any way to the lunch boxes or Yokochimas earlier monolgue. She seemed to be quite the fun killer, as far as Yokochima could tell. Those were usually the difficult kind of ninja, as he knew by experience. Also she seemed to be considerably younger then Rippa, which meant she might even know Yokochima atleast by name.
The longer he thought about it, the more he was sure that she would cause him the most trouble. Both the Odachi that was hanging on her left side and the way she entered the glade were signs that she was probably a Taijutsuka or atleast a weapon user, which would mean that she and Yokochima would have no reason to come along at all.

Lets hope, this wont become more complicated than what i already had, i am totally not in the mood for annoying people right now.
He let out a mental sigh.

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Yokochima talks.
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Yokochima Senju

For a while nobody said a word. The four ninjas were just standing right in the middle of the glade, taking turns observing each other. This...this is exactly what i wont like about squads... Yokochima kept his smile up altough the whole situation became more and more annoying. Why cant we just...i dont know...pack our things and go? He was just about to propose his "idea" when he catched a look of Sousetsu. The stoic man had not said a single word up so far, which was somewhat unusual for him. Atleast if Yokochima had to compare him to the last time they met.
Yokochima had no idea how to interpret the glance he received by his sensei. It might have been a warning expression Sousetsu had, telling him not to cause any(more) trouble but it might aswell have been a sign that he was expecting Yokochima to actually do something. Or something in between. Anyway, he had to get out of this pointless and annoying situation as fast as possible. about if we consider this..."meeting" successfull for now and go our ways for today? He put up his biggest smile up to now and continued. I mean, we have learned each other names and such, i'd say that is a lot to think about for now, haha.
Ugh, i really hope i wont have to go through all of this every single time we meet... He did not wait for the others to answer and instead turned around and bolt off into the forest that lied between the glade and the village.
On his way back he started thinking again. Was this squad really the correct way to go for him? He turned around in midair and took a look at the trees behind him. He could not see Sousetsu or anybody else following him, which ment he could stop moving for now. Suddenly he noticed his mistake. His head spun back, just in time to see the big trunk in front of him but not fast enough to react properly. His feet hit the tree but he couldnt apply enough chakra in time to stick to it and instead grazed the bark whilest falling downward. It was his luck that a small bush catched him and that he wasnt moving to high. Goddamn, i should just stay in bed i think. This day is not going to get any better, i might aswell stay here though for now. He looked around in an attempt to regain orientation before standing up. He could hear a silent laugh in the back of his head when he started removing the little branches and leaves from his hair and clothes.

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Yokochima talks.
Yokochima thinks.

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