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1 This Fragile Hour - (Private/No Kill) on Mon Nov 25, 2013 4:41 pm




It had been too long since she had done this.

Too. Long.


It had been a couple of hours since the first attack took place, and while they waited for the next attack to take place, the village of Kirigakure had settled in to a uneasy calm.  It wouldn't last long...these Fragile Moments never did. But while the minutes were there, the shinobi, of the village hidden in the mist took the oppertunity to catch their breath and regroup. The darkness had only just started to reach across the hazy skies.


Tenmei Sotsuji glanced over her shoulder for the third time as she pushed her way through the trees, towards the rock speckled, sandy shore line. All the other people...all the other shinobi had stayed back to help with defending against the last few stragglers that thought to sneak through the lines, or disappeared off to the hospital to deal with the less unfortunate who decided it was a good idea to go above and beyond their limits. While the rest remained back to help with repairing what they could of the walls, she had escaped to step out on to the calmer waters edge. There was no one around.
For the first time since that first attack on the pier a week ago Tenmei was completely alone.

It was peaceful. Quiet.

The sound of the water crashing against the rocks, covering the sand, the wind as it whispered sweet nothings over the water; Tenmei trod over the gritty sand towards a smoothed stone, halfway between the treeline and the crystaline water. There, she placed her bag down and started to peel away the linen bandages which covered the most of her torso.
Considering the amount of damage that she had done, the burns and grazes were healing pleasantly fast. The most prominent, and oldest scarring was still it always would be. A burn that covered her shoulder to the base of her ribs and halfway down her arms, it was only broken up by the more recent electrical burns which patterned her back in a criss-cross fashion. Bruises, stab wounds around her side, shoulders, nothing looked as bad as the slice mark that spanned the length of her back from shoulder to hip.

She decided long ago that scars were just that....Scars.

Her shirt slipped back easily over her shoulders, falling just above her waist so the marks could still get to the salt tainted air, and she was unhindered when reaching down for her bag.
From within it's depths, she withdrew the few items that would make this moment: A piece of paper, cut in to a perfect square, a thermos of tea, still warm from when she had packed it earlier, and a woolen blanket that would absorb any heat that she may give off.

And was all ritual from there.

Lying the blanket over the rock, she perched herself down in the lotus position with the thermos resting on one knee, perfectly balanced and the paper in her lap. Then, with the well practiced fingers, she folded the paper in to a shape which clearly resembled that of a water lily. With the tea now steaming from a simple, black clay mug and the origami flower sitting in her hands, she closed her eyes and let her mind sink in to a state of calm that she had not been able to reach since the exams had finished over a month ago.


Time passed her by

Keeping perfect control of her chakra, Tenmei remained still on the same spot while the waves continued to work up the nerve to reach her, the wind only just disturbing the top granules of sand.
She was so focused on her task...on the paper in her hands, the tea sending pleasant aromas of vanilla and chai in to the air beside her, the chunin was completely oblivious to the stranger, watching not too far from where she had first entered this magical...

Fragile Moment

2 Re: This Fragile Hour - (Private/No Kill) on Thu Nov 28, 2013 4:43 am



Mitsuo Sarutobi was still getting used to the dreary weather of Kirigakure no Sato, the Village Hidden in the Mists. He was wearing his Shroud of Shadows that had mysteriously appeared around his shoulders one day. He had begun to realise that when he wore it he seemed to be able to slip into the shadows easier and go by unnoticed by even the most impressive shinobi. He was testing the abilities of the cloak, as well as its apparent powers of keeping him dry which was certainly nice here, when he came upon the shoreline. He decided that he would take the opportunity to relax, as he wasn’t currently busy and he had recently parted ways with Strafe, waiting to meet up with him again until later.

He watched mesmerised by the waves as they crashed against the rocks, noting that this wasn’t anything that he was used to seeing back home in Konohagakure no Kato. Usually the waters there were calm and there weren’t large rocks for them to crash against and break on. He smiled softly at the beauties of nature, happy that he was able to travel to these foreign places and see all of these different things that he was now able to see. The landscape, the clouds, the dark gloomy sky, the constant rain, it was no wonder Mitsuo was enjoying it here, it was a complete change from what he was used to living in his entire life. He had almost completely forgotten about the tragedies that had befallen him and could seriously see himself living in a place like this, something that he unfortunately knew wasn’t extremely likely.

He looked around the beach for someone or something to interact with, knowing that anyone or anything would do. At this point he was really just trying to kill time until he was supposed to meet Strafe again and he was hoping that he could make it pass quickly. What he ended up finding ended up surprising him. Along the beach was a girl who he recognised as the winner of the Chuunin Exams that he had competed in. He remembered her name was Tenmei and that she was definitely someone to be taken seriously. Mitsuo had grown a lot since those exams and he imagined that Tenmei had as well. He shook his head, not trying to think of those days, and walked towards her, speaking loud enough so she could hear as he went.

“Hey, Tenmei!” He said, his voice raising over the crashing of the waves. He wasn’t sure how she would react, and he was armed as he often was in the event that she turned on him. He never approached to a point further than 10m away from her, being approximately 20m away when he spoke.


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3 Re: This Fragile Hour - (Private/No Kill) on Tue Dec 03, 2013 7:08 am




And then....the moment was gone.


It was instant. Spontaneous.
The moment his voice carried over the wind to her resting mind, the tension she had forced out of her frame. The heat that she had kept suppressed behind the gates of her system started to slowly....slowly seep back in to her system. Spreading like a disease under the scarred and bruised skin, stiffening her shoulder and straightening her back.
And...just like clock work; the heat in her skin took hold and all she could do was watch helplessly as the delicately folded piece of paper crumbled in her hands. Disintegrating in to feather like flakes of ash. Then, just like her moment of peace, it was lost once again to the heavy mist that gave this village it's name.

His voice. Familiar. Why?

Thoughts led the female to stand and turn to face the one who addressed her by name, her hands deceptively calm by her sides.
For a moment there....she just stared at him, trying to reach the memory just out of her reach. Until finally, she saw it.
His face was not as clear as his name, but Tenmei remembered seeing him briefly at the exams. He was one of the competitors; and  though, he was not one of hers, she had seen the way he fought. It was impressive to say the least and no doubt he had improved since then. But then again, Tenmei had learned a long time ago not to judge by just bare facts and appearances. Not to determine ones strength by the size of his sword and the space of his ego.
He could have been stronger, he could have been weaker. He could have turned. Gone rogue like Ukiyo; another person that had been sacrificed in the name of the exams.
Bottom line, she couldn't trust him. Not after what happened.
This Special Jounin would not make that same mistake again.

He was getting closer

and closer

Before stopping just short of her reach. It was clever. Smart.
Even less of a reason to trust him.
So she waited until he took those final steps. That last movement towards her....before she suddenly closed the distance in between them, finishing her own final steps with a perfectly executed pirouette. Her foot kicked out, she rotated her hip and with the full force of her intense body heat, she kicked out a heat wave that would head directly towards him. But she didn't stop there....
Whether her attack was successful or not, Tenmei was right behind the searing heat wave with knife, glowing red hot in hand, and coming straight for his side. A point where it would hurt and hinder movement, while not damaging any important organs.
No. If this person was dangerous, she would need to be able to take him in alive as a present to the Mizukage.

Tenmei would not be humiliated like that again.
Chakra 170/200:

Name: Dragon Install
Rank: C-A
Element: Katon
Range:10 meters
Duration: 1
Cooldown: 6
The user throws a kick accelerating the Heat in their leg to such an extreme they send out a wave of heat in an arc in the direction they kick, which expands in a 90 degree angle at 15 meters per second.

 C rank: The heat wave scalds on contact Dealing 1st degree burns with the wave but second degree burns if the target is within 1 meter.
 B rank: The heat wave is hot enough to ignite the air into a flicker of flame before becoming a heat wave after the initial meter. Dealing second degree burns with the wave and third degree if the target is within the initial meter.
A rank: The wave ignites the air becoming a rolling wave of fire as the heat ignites the oxygen for the full range of the attack, dealing third degree burns to afflicted areas at all ranges.

Name: Magma Skin
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C - A
Type: Offensive
Element: Katon/ Fuuton
Range: Personal
Specialty: Taijutsu
Duration: Maintainable
Cooldown: 4 (+1 post per rank)
C rank -The user accelerates the chakra within their skin, heating up their body temperature to an excess of 150 degrees Celsius. Causing second degree burns on contact and third degree after prolonged or repeated contact after the second impact.

B rank
- The temperature rises to an excessive 250 degree celcius heat, causing third degree burns on contact and fourth degree after prolonged or repeated contact after second strike.  If contact still continues after fourth strike, nerve and deep tissue damage may occur as a side effect.

A rank
- The temperature raises to an excessive 600 degree Celsius heat, causing fourth degree burns on contact and burns to the bone on repeated contact following the second impact.  If contact still continues after fourth strike, nerve and deep tissue damage occur making the victim lose control of affected limbs.

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