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Nakashima had been given a job of which he did not want to do, but he did not want to do this job as it meant opposing the will of a weaker man and taking what was not his from him. The job was to 'persuade' the owner of the trading post, an elderly man with little to no fighting skill, by any means necessary. This meant that if the old man refused to offer up his services than Nakashima Kaneko would be required to use force upon the old man to change his mind, and if worse came to worse he may even have to end the old mans life to complete his mission. Nakashima was highly against fighting those who could not fight back but was ordered to do so and must complete his mission.

Nakashima arrived at the old man's house, he walked to the front door and knocked. He waited there for the old man to hobble to the door and open it with a smile that slowly faded away into an angry but slightly terrified frown. The old man went to slam the door shut on Nakashima's face but Nakashima quickly stopped him from doing so and proceeded to walk into the mans home.
'What are you doing here, at my house, who do you think you are barging in like this?' The old man said with hatred.

'You know why I am here, Old Man, I require the use of your facilities, the use of you trading post. You will for fill my request if you know what is good for you. I'm just trying to do my job please remember this.' Nakashima explained in a very calm manner with regards to the type of situation he was in. Nakashima did not like having to threaten or kill those who apposed him but this was required as his job as a ninja.

'Your dreaming if you think I will back down to such a low person as yourself. I will never bow down and give up to such oppression. I doesn't matter how strong you are, it doesn't matter how old and weak I am, you can never break my will. This is more than just my trading post and facilities, this is about my freedom and my rights.' The old man said with great determination and pride.

'Look, I don't want to do this, but it is my job to 'convince' you to lend me your services and facilities. I do not want to hurt to you or worse kill you, I just want to do my job peacefully and quietly.' Nakashima said sympathetically.

'It does not matter to me, you will not be using my trading post, I will not sit here, watching you waltz in here and take it from me without a fight.' The old man said this as he raised his hands to his face as a guard and clenched them into a closed fist.

'Fine have it your way, Old Man' Nakashima said this as if he had given up on the argument.

With one forceful hand movement Nakashima raised his arm up and clenched his fist. He threw it forward towards the old man connecting with the old mans guard and breaking through it towards his face, with this hit Nakashima broke the old mans guard and nose at the same time. This was quickly followed up with  Nakashima's other hand being forcefully thrust up into the man's rib cage. This hit cracked two of the mans ribs, it also knocked him to the ground. Nakashima squatted down in front of the old man and ask if he would kindly reconsider his decision, the old man nodded to this. Nakashima then asked if he required any assistance with his wounds, the old man pushed him away and out the door, slamming it shut behind him. Nakashima felt bad but knew he had to do what he did and returned to collect his dirty money for this job.

Word Count: 600/600
Katon C=>B: 556/2000

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