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Nakashim was searching the mission board for his first ever C ranked mission. He was so excited that he could barely contain himself, he was all jittery, he could not make up his mind on what he wanted to do. Did he want it to be difficult? Did he want it to be a rather easy start off mission? Did he want it to be a combat mission? There were so many questions he asked himself but still could not decide. He finally convinced himself to go look at the missions currently available to him and make his decision from there. One stood out and caught his eye, it was called 'Kill The Boar'. after reading the description he noticed that he didn't actually have to kill the boar if it was not required. He could merely try to call it down. The description was that a rampaging boar had some how gotten lose and had started attacking the villagers and destroying their crops. He knew this had to be dealt with quickly and without error as an error would only cause more problems with the villagers, either by the boar becoming more angry or cause more damage to the villages himself with plain destruction that usually followed him around. The goal of the mission was to catch it and then he had the choice of trying to calm it down or kill it. He pondered this for a brief moment before thinking to himself that this was the mission for him, he could not turn down a mission with such variety, he could be a savior in his first ever mission. So he took the mission and off he went to the boars last sighting.

Upon arrival at the wild west of Iwagakure Nakashima Kaneko spoke to some of the villagers about the boars recent attacks, from what he heard the common consensus was that the boar will charge in take food charging anyone in his way and then leaving quickly.

'Okay so where does the boar come from?' Nakashima asked the villagers.

'It comes from there, no over there, no your wrong its from over their I would know he nearly took my leg off, rabble rabble rabble.' The crowd of villagers argued and then nearly began to fight.

'Okay then, what exactly does he aim to go for each time?' Nakashima Kaneko asked again.

'He took my radishes. He went for my cabbage. He attacked me. He did..... He took.....' The villages stated again.

Knowing that he wasn't going to get a precise answer from the villagers as none of them really knew what was going on, he decided to take it upon himself to do some recon. He had evaded the many traps they had set up and had now had enough of this pestering boar they had on their hands. It was up to Nakashima Kaneko he thought to himself, to help these poor defenseless villagers. He searched around the village for and signs that might help him. There were hoof prints all over the villages which Nakashim took as the boar being in control and taking what it wanted when it wanted. He looked for a sure sign of entrance and exit. Many hoof prints led to and from the village but most of them came and went to the east of the village. This could mean many things such as that's where the boar hit last or first so it took the fastest exit from the village or it might just mean that, that's where the boar comes from, well Nakashima hoped anyway. Nakashima Kaneko started by first observing the boars attack plans, he sat up on a hill just west of the boars normal stomping grounds and waited to see where he was coming from and what he was precisely going to try get first. He waited for what felt like hours, he had lost track of time and was about to does off when some commotion started. It was the boar, the boar came charging in from the east, just as he thought, straight through some heavy shrubbery with its head down charging. It scattered all the villagers and as he could see why none of them seemed to know exactly what was going on, because they all just panicked and ran.

Nakashima waited for it to all be over when he went back to the town to set up traps for the boar. He set up many around the east where the boar came through often, hoping because the boar came charging in that he would not notice the basic traps left by Nakashima. He also placed some through the village, hoping that they would catch the boar and not some villagers. Once again he went and sat on the hill to the west and observed. Nakashima slept there over night knowing that the boar would most likely not raid twice in the same day. But to his surprise when he awoke the boar had attacked the village again through the night, Nakashima was woken to the sounds of the village people. He wandered over to the village to see what had happened and noticed that as he feared his traps had caught the villagers and not the boar, he counted 5 villagers in traps and wasn't sure whether some of the traps he set were set off by other villagers of the boar. Nakashima went to reset his traps when he heard a squealing noise to the east, he got excited and ran over to the shrubs, he had done it, he had caught the rampaging boar. He was so happy with himself, that he almost cheered his own name, he was really becoming a ninja. He carried the boar over to the village, he put it in front of the villages and asked what they wanted done with it. Some yelled to kill it and others told him to take it somewhere else and release it. Nakashima thinking that if he released it would only cause problems for another village he decided to leave it to the villagers to decided and colllected his money and left.

Word Count 1000/1000
Katon C=> B: 420/2000

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