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Keigo Uchiha

Keigo Uchiha

Keigo had just received a mission to stop a man named Daichi Wantanabe and meet a man named mr fett to confirm the capture he guessed, "so where is this mr. fett maybe I will find him later." Keigo continued to read about the man he was looking for to get the bounty. Daichi was a man wanted for murders involving innocent hard working people. Keigo cringed at the fact that this man was a murder. Keigo was also given instructions to use any force necessary to stop Daichi including killing the man and bring back a lifeless body back to the village. The thought of probably having to kill a man for the sake of a mission did not bother Keigo since he did have past experience of taking a life for the sake of justice for the village. Keigo continued to read upon Daichi's profile, "Hmm so he is six feet four inches tall, wow that's tall and he is made of pure muscle, wow over exaggerating, plus he wears a muscle shirt while also wearing a worn out Kumogakure flack jacket with the head band strapped around his arm, so he shouldn't be to hard to notice." "What else does it say about him, hmmm so he is very skilled in Taijutsu his primary use for battle and is somewhat skilled with ninjutsu using Katon and Doton based jutsu." "Also says he's more of a brute, so I guess he doesn't use his head much in a battle I could use this to my advantage  especially with all this nature around, so hopefully I can find him with in the forest." Keigo continued his search for the man named Daichi hoping to quickly take out this man for the sake of the people who lost their lives because of him. Keigo decided to sit down behind a tree to think of a plan to take out the man with out causing a drown out fight. "So his specialty is Taijutsu and by reading that profile he is more skilled at it then me, which means a close combat battle wouldn't be in my favor and since he doesn't use ninjutsu often in fights only when he feels he needs it I think a long distance battle would be perfect, plus with all the trees and bushes around I can use them as well." "I know I have the speed advantage so maneuvering around the trees and hitting him with my jutsu will be easy." Keigo stood back up and ran up the tree he was sitting under and decided to take the high road to hopefully catch daichi with his guard lowered.

Keigo was ready and focused plus with having a lot of missions under his belt he felt more prepared mentally and physically then he as every felt on a mission ever before. He knew he was getting closer and closer to become the idea ninja he had hoped he would become one day. He reminded him self of that almost everyday for the sake of his clan and the village. Where are you Daichi there is no way you can be hiding or playing it stealth right now. Keigo continued to look for Daichi amongst the trees hoping to find him so he can take him down. "Dam where the hell am I right now Damm it" Keigo heard a voice a few meters left to where he was located. Keigo swiftly turned his attention to the noise and began heading toward where it was coming from. Keigo stopped his movement then hid his presence within the tree and spotted the man Daichi Watanbe having a melt down, seems like he was lost. Keigo craked a smile thinking to himself, "this is perfect, I have you just where I want you." Keigo began forming chakra within his throat, "Fire Style: Phoenix Fire Jutsu" Keigo shot 20 small balls of fire at Daichi while he rambling to him self. Keigo felt this will quickly end the battle and the man would be easily taking out, but Keigo was completely wrong. Daichi noticed the balls of fire and easily blocked them with an Doton jutsu creating a small wall of earth that blocked them all. Daichi then shouted "come on out ninja I knew you were there this whole time." Keigo was surprised that this man sensed his presence before hand. Keigo knew his plan was crippled, so he decided to reveal himself and jumped down from the tree top to face Daichi. "So tell me where you planning to kill me just then with those tiny fireballs." Daichi looked very cocky and so sure of his self when he asked Keigo that question. Keigo continued to look at Daichi giving him no response. "So not answering kid well I guess I have to kill you and from that head band I see your from konoha, so they sent you to capture me oh wait even kill me am I right well to bad for you kid I am the one who is going to kill you and you know what once I kill you I'm going back to that village to kill some more how does that sound to you." Keigo continued to look at Daichi then responded, "You make me sick scum" Daichi's face had a smile on it then he replied, "I'm going to kill you kid" he began to rush Keigo for an attack. Keigo closed his eyes for a split second then reopened them with his eye's the color of a crimson red and a single black tome around his pupil. "Ahh I see so your an Uchiha with the Sharingan Eyes that's even better for me once I kill an Uchiha my name will be more feared amongst Konoha."

Daichi continued to charge at Keigo he then began throwing a barrage of punches and kicks. Keigo swayed through the barrage of blows still receiving grazes and cuts from the surprisingly precise techniques. "Your lucky you have that Sharingan kid other wise you would be dead already." Keigo quickly made some distance between him and daichi, "Lucky you say that's funny because that also means your lucky that you still have your life right now and sorry to say that life is about to end ether in jail or right here." Keigo thought to himself I have to pause his movements and hit him with a jutsu that I know he wont block with that earth jutsu. Keigo formed a tiger hand seal then filled his throat with chakra, Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu. Keigo shot a giant fireball at Daichi. "haha another fireball please my earth style can block that as well." Daichi made another wall of earth that blocked the fireball, but this time the fireball made a greater impact causing smoke to form diminishing Daichi's sight. Keigo used this chance to use another jutsu, he formed chakra within his throat Running Flame, then he shot a stream of fire that formed a ring around daichi and even hindered his sight even greater. "Where the hell are you kid don't hide and this flame wont help you ether." Keigo took this chance to use the same combo he used to take out four rouge genin in a previous mission he took part in. Keigo formed chakra within his throat,  Fire Style: Great Dragon Flame, Keigo shot out a large flame that formed into a large dragon head right toward Daichi. The flame created a large explosion and a large flame just burning. Keigo jumped down from the tree to see if Daichi survived the blast and to his surprise daichi walked out the flame with third degree burns  all over his body. "You dam Uchiha" Daichi fell to the ground dead. Keigo walked to the body to confirm his death. "Farwell Daichi" Keigo stood over the body then soon heard a voice from behind him. "Well done kid I will take that body off your hands and let Konoha know that you completed your mission so you can get paid." Keigo turned around around to see a man wondering who the man might be. "So your mr. Fett where have you been if I may ask" Mr. Fett replied with a calm voice, "I'm more of a business man that like the job done quickly with nothing slowing it down your mission is complete you may leave.""I guess I understand what you mean so I will take my leave then sir." Before Keigo could leave he heard mr. fett say, "good job kid you did well." Keigo looked back at him and headed back toward the village. "Well another mission completed I think I need some training after this one and I wonder what mom has cooked up for me at home I haven't eaten much today my stomachs screaming right now for some food."



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