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Cleaning a library. Well, that was quite the jump - her last mission had been to apprehend four bandits that had been causing trouble in the marketplace of the village. Taking them down had required using jutsu, her swords, and just general combat skills. And now … she was cleaning a library? But of course, Miyako only silently accepted the mission with a slight nod, retrieving the necessary details before heading off towards the Tower of Heaven, which - like it's name suggested - was beginning to extend towards the sky, the never-ending construction making it appear as though whoever ordered the building of this tower had wanted it to literally reach the heavens. Thankfully, the library itself only took one level of the tower, but it took Miyako several minutes to actually reach the correct floor, the stairs seemed to be never-ending, and even with her extensive training, she found herself short of breath by the time she reached the level that she would be working in. Strolling right in, she took a moment to stare in awe at all the books that lined the walls, taking in the newer paperbacks, the hardcovers, and the gorgeous leather-bound publications, all stored neatly in perfect order on the shelves. Before she knew it, she was walking along the shelves lined up against the wall, running her hands lightly against the spines of the books and marvelling at the wonderful condition that the books were in, even if the shelves themselves were still somewhat lined with a thick collection of dust.

Miyako herself didn't find much time to do much reading herself, but whenever she did, she always managed to lose track of time. It was one of those things that she could get herself completely lost in, tuning out the world until she was forcibly pulled back into reality, or if the book had ended. She wasn't the emotional type reader, never really tearing up or becoming overwhelmed with feelings, but books undoubtedly allowed her to escape into a new world, something of which she enjoyed greatly. But regretfully, it had been a while since she last held a book in her hands and allowed herself the time to read it, especially with her new determination to train harder and finally obtain the Chuunin rank.

"Are you the one sent here to help?" The quiet voice started Miyako out of her thoughts, and she turned to see an oddly dressed woman, likely in her late fifties or early sixties, hair already gone fray with age - but even so, the gray was beautiful, a silvery sheen that was pleated down the middle, resting against one shoulder. A warm friendly smile greeted her, one that made Miyako instantly feel welcome, despite the wariness that had taken ahold of her the moment she realized someone had sneaked up behind her. "I … yes. I apologize for not making my presence known sooner." Miyako replied in her usual soft tone, dipping her head in both greeting and apology. "I am here to assist you with whatever you need." The woman - who introduced herself as Aoi - waved away her apology, explaining that although she herself loved to clean and organize, which likely was why she was the one in charge of the entire library, her bad back had been preventing her from cleaning the shelves, especially the top of the shelves, in which a ladder was required. With moments, Miyako found herself equipped with a duster, several dry cloths, a small bucket of water, and a portable ladder, and with a "good luck", she was left alone once again, given a time frame of three hours to do her best.

And so she began working, finding that the further along she got, the more comfortable she got, enjoying the quiet time to herself. The work itself wasn't too hard and didn't require much thought to it, and so she allowed her mind to wander, occasionally taking breaks to flip through a book and marvel at it's contents. Halfway through the three hours, Aoi walked back in with a plate of cookies and two cups of tea, and the two of them sat down for a moment to enjoy the treat quietly, neither of them speaking much - something that Miyako found rather soothing. Another one and a half hour later, she left the tower in rather high spirits, the library itself in an "excellent condition", as Aoi had enthused to her after rewarding her with ryo.

Mission: Cleaning the Library
753/600 - Complete.


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