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Nakashima Ryou

Nakashima Ryou

Academy Gang
Once again Nakashima found himself looking at the mission board in search of his next exciting adventure, the only problem now is that the reality of these missions was starting to set in. Nakashima noticed he either had to do painfully boring missions that did not benefit him in anyway to become a high class ninja or he would have to take on more life threatening mission. Although at this level most of these life threatening mission were simply dealing with a wild animal, the thought of making a wrong step and dying scared him. But as this was the job role he had chosen for himself, he had to deal with this, Nakashima thought to himself that he would just have to become the strongest so that no one would be able to end his life, the hard part was getting to that level.

The mission that caught Nakashima Kaneko most was 'Academy Gang' from the description the mission was to catch and stop a small group of 5 academy brats that were committing some petty crimes around Iwagakure. The were only involved in so light actions such as painting graffiti around Iwagakure, stealing from citizens and they had also be found beating up other kids who had refused to join their gang. The mission itself was to catch and stop the gang by any means nesseccary, although force was not recommended. The boys had been described as all being under the age of 10 years old and would know basic clone jutsu and at least one kunai. If he wanted to Nakashima could easily walk in and destroy the group without flinching but he decided that it might be a little to violent to do so in such a public and crowded area. Although he cnsidered this if they did resist or try to fight he would be required to teach the children a lesson or two.

Nakashima was searching the streets of Iwagakure for the gang of misfits just as he always did when he walked thinking to himself about his life and his future. He wasn't really paying that much attention to finding the kids as he knew that they would not be to hard to find, and they he would simply have to follow the trail of destruction. It wasn't long before he found the group. A small and bulky academy student said as he gripped another kid up by his shirt with his left hand while his right hand was cocked back in a punching stance. Paint cans being shook, and the sound of people screaming "fight" could be heard around the bully that was inside the narrow alleyway of two apartment buildings. "I don't have none, it was all used on ramen this morning. Please don't hurt me," said the kid who was still gripped up and lifted about approximately two inches off the ground. The bulky academy student and his gang laughed at the kid because of him asking for mercy. In result, the kid bursted out in tears- only making them laugh even harder.

Becoming fed up with the kid's cowardliness, he attempted to punch him in the face. But as the punch was closing in on his face, several ink bees that had been monitoring the entire fight decided to quickly inject their Raiton surrounded stingers into the bulky academy student's fist to cause him to cease his punching movement as his fist was about a few centimeters away from the kid's nose. "Argh! What the hell?" shouted the bulky academy student, screaming in pain at the numb feeling in his fist which made him unable to move his entire arm. The other members of the gang gasped at what happened, and immediately turned their view to on-top of the buildings. One of the gang members pointed towards the shinobi, who stood at the edge of the building in a crouched down position.

'Hey boss, It's that guy again, we better get out of here.'

All of the kids exited the alleyway, dropping their spray cans as Nakashima entered the end of the alleyway. The boss of the academy gang released the helpless kid, and ran off with his hand still in a punching motion. Nakashima turned his head to the right of the way his body face, and laughed at the boss. It was similar to watching a helpless chicken with one leg run from a wolf. But instead, it was his arm. What a coward he was? Never mind that, Nakashima turned his head back towards the kid as he offered him a hand to help him get up. The kid accepted, and used Nakashima's right hand to elevate himself up.

'Are you alright he asked the kid?' Nakashima asked the kid. The kid nodded in return.'You better run off now they will be back soon.'

And with that the kid ran out of the alleyway to safety. Nakashima began to patrol the streets and it was long before the kids returned with weapons to take down Nakashima. All of the gang members surrounded him in a full circle while the bulky academy student stood in the middle of the circle taunting Kosuke with his spiked club. Are these kids serious? I just defeated their boss with a D-Rank technique - thought Nakashima; He wasn't the type to brag out loud, and decided to make a small chuckle at the kids around him. All of the academy students eyes widened. They were confused at the reaction of Nakashima. Most of them thought that he was suppose to be afraid with how their gang out numbered him. But, he wasn't.


At the command of the boss, all of the gang members rushed towards Nakashima with their bat held in the air. Each of them attempted to swing the bat at Nakashima's upper and lower body. Noticing them closing in on him, quickly Nakashima reacted by disengaging several feet away from the gang before they had a chance to swing the bat. The academy gang became even more enraged. The came at him again but Nakashima wasn't very worried. Nakashima quite calmly and quickly used the Stream Jutsu. With this he was able to out manoveur the children and just toyed with them for a bit. The leader told the others to back off as he wanted to take down Nakashima by himself, Nakashima just grinned. The enfuriated boy charge at him the the club Nakashima easily dodged the attack and with an open back hand, swung down with a medium level swing across the kids cheek, this knocked the child to the ground, the others were stunned. Nakashima informed the others that this would be the last of their criminal ways or they would have to deal with him. He took down their names and returned to complete his mission and pick up his pay check.

Word Count: 1000/1000
Katon C => B: 243/2000

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