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Yuzu Ren


Ren was tired that day and was planning to do nothing, but sadly he ran into Yuzu-roku the current clan leader. The clan leader looked at him with a grin as Ren looked down knowing his day was ruined. "Hey Ren, I am a bit tired of all the paperwork can you deliver these forms please. Also that thing i had to discuss about the swords and fruit treaty. You can handle that for me okay maybe she will go easy on you"

Ren sighed again then she glared at him slightly trying to hide her smile. He took the papers and began heading off to the administration building. Along the way he met with the village people. He took a sandwich and a juice by the one shop using his clan's influence. As he made his way further along he finally came to his destination.
As he was about to enter the building he was stopped along the way by staff. They checked to make sure he had no weapons on him. Then asked for proof of his identity as he slowly revealed his village card with his basic details. As he stood there being asked several questions for about thirty minutes they finally asked what business he had. He replied soft but clearly. "I am here on behalf of my clan to deliver requests and to ask for possible changes to the Clan Village Agreement made between the Mizukage and the Yuzu Clan elders."

As they acknowledged the requests they approved and he was escorted to the office of the Mizukage. He knocked as he opened the door slowly entering her office. He politely said "Excuse me" after entering then stood up fairly straight out of respect. He looked towards her for a moment before quickly bowing his head slightly and saying in a gentle tone.
"Good day, Mizukage-sama"


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