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1 Adventure Awaits [Travel Iwa>>Kiri] on Thu Nov 28, 2013 11:44 am

Raishi Kanetsu

Raishi Kanetsu

After spending an entire night training in the chamber of the volcanoe, Raishi had spent the whole of the next day, in an unplanned, blissful slumber. As he woke up, he was smacked across the ace, with a powerful feeling of guilt and regret as he remembered his vow to himself, to change from his lazy way of life. The stubbornness in him fought the rebuke, stating the well-known phrase that Rome wasn't built in a day, but he continued to rebuke himself. He had to change for the better, whether he liked it or not.

Vowing to himself never to sleep for a whole again, regardless of his night activities, Raishi had a cold shower and got dressed, leaving his home. He left his home early, heading to the Administration Building to get a mission to do, as penitence for his day of slumber. As he reached there, he was given a mission that had apparently been given to all other Jounin in the village the previous day, and they had already left. The mission briefing was an embarrassing ordeal for him, even more embarrassing when a certain shinobi had made a comment about how he was the least of his clan, Kazu and Satoshi being high above him. Raishi found this hurtful and harsh, but took the insults to heart...they had some truth to them.

Rushing out of the Admin Building after being briefed and made fun of, Raishi ran straight to the outskirts of the village...he needed to meet someone..

A few minutes afterwards, Raishi found himself at his destination. It was an open area, devoid of rocks compared to everywhere else, and it had the greenest grass in the whole of Iwagakure. In the corner was a small stream, sparkling in the sunlight. Raishi had found this place whilst searching for a suitable spot to keep him in....there was no way he could take him to the village. Not that he would be chased out or anything, but because there was a lack of significant space, for such a significantly massive creature. I wonder where he is now...

Raishi whistled a single, vibrant tone, lasting for about 3 seconds. Afterwards, he counted for about 4 seconds in his head, and was not surprised when he started to hear the sound of Iwayama's massive stomps, colliding with the ground. He smiled as his companion approached him, slowing in pace as he got closer to Raishimaru.

"You look terrible."

Raishi chuckled as Iwayama said this. He always had to say what was on his mind;a rude creature indeed.

"Well, I slept for the whole day, after training all night two days ago."

He talked back at Iwayama, trying to justify his terrible appearance, relating it to the fact that he was training. An excuse, that Iwa always saw through. Iwayama simply bent over, taken a mouthful of grass before speaking, and sitting down.

"Sure you where..."

Raishi could not tell if he was being sarcastic or not; his gruff voice made everything sound so...serious. Raishi rolled his eyes, before informing his friend about the mission to Kirigakure. As Iwayama listened, his body seemed to tense a bit, and when Raishi was done, he stood up abruptly, with what resembled excitement and determination in his eyes.

"Let's go! There's no time to waste! Shinobi in Kirigakure need our assistance!"
"Wait, wait, I need to get my stuff from the house first. Meet me at the border?"

Saying this, Raishi stormed off in a flash,hearing Iwayama grunt in frustration. Finally reaching home, he counted 10 kunai in total, that were still brand new due to lack of usage, despite the fact that Raishi had bought them 5 years.

Moments later, Raishi was on the border, facing the village for the last time and thinking about what he was about to encounter. It was a new experience and he needed was the time to live up to his title, because at the moment, he was all title. Nothing else. It was time to change that.

Whistling that same, distinct tune, Raishi waited for a few seconds, before Iwayama finally appeared.

"Let's go"

With that, the pair began their journey, unsure of the dangers that awaited them, outside the safe walls of their village.




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