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The female quietly let her crimson eyes stare ahead at the village gates. She would be leaving the land of fire for a more..Misty climate. She would make for the land of waves, to approach the village hidden in the mist to look for more able-bodied fighters to become her companions. She enjoyed travelling alone but she could not form an organization by herself, these things took time, effort, and people. She sighed, pulling her cloak about her ever more, tightening the clasps to conceal her body structure while pulling the beaked hood over her head. The beak of the hood itself coming over her face a bit, stopping between her eyebrows and concealing it in shadow. Only her dark crimson eyes shown through the shadows, staring ahead ever still.

Quietly she began to step forward, her shoes making slight sounds against the dirt as she walked, but she enjoyed the slight tip-tap. It made the journey slightly more bearable. She nodded her head to the rhythm, watching the roads lead out quietly. She was passing a few distinct landmarks of the Konohagakure no Sato and she allowed herself a smile. She was doing it. She was going to find others worth of her cause and no one could stop her once she started. She reached the border gates, passing through them silently, and continued her solemn trek, ignoring the men at the gate who waved her on. She wasn't interested in anyone trying to be friendly to her. She knew better than to trust anyone like that. She continued her trek, noting that she honestly had no idea what she would find once she got to the village hidden in the mist. Then she had a thought: Why go there? She had heard stories of great fighters from the village hidden in the mist from her father, but his stories of the rain were far greater. She turned to another path, changing her direction to instead head north to the village hidden in the Rain for her fighters.

She quietly then picked up the pace to dash, her small body moving quickly past trees and fence posts as well as road signs. She was excited now. Why? She may find those who could rival her own strength, or even those who could help her cause! Her body sped up, the trees becoming a blur as she dashed by them. She could tell she was nearing the edge of the fire country and kept going. The destination of hers was soon coming and her dream would be realized. Regardless of who she had to kill.

She exited the fire country, finding herself in the country that the hidden rain village would reside in and she smiled a bit once more. She was almost there. She stopped to rest udner a large oak tree for a moment, trying to plan out what she would do next. She thought of who she might encounter and if she would have to kill someone if they got the wrong idea. Regardless, she prepared herself for anything and set out once more, dashing towards her objective. She could see the hidden rain village coming into sight now and gladly hastened her pace. She could feel the rain upon her cloak already, the rain itself battering down onto her body soaking her. Regardless of which she moved into the village finally, looking at the large buildings around her. A dull, grey and depressing village but a village nonetheless. She quietly moved through the village,noting some people were speaking about a skirmish at the lake. She nodded and decided that would be the best place to start and headed on that way.

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