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1 Permission to Travel. [Ezra and Yui] on Tue Aug 07, 2012 2:40 pm

Ezra Karisuma


The weather all across The Land of The Wind was beautiful. A gentle breeze was blowing keeping the usual heat down to a minimum and the sky was oh so bright. Ezra looked to the sky on his way to the Administration Building. There were a few clouds and the sun stood at a twenty five degree angle from where Ezra stood, that meant it was quite early maybe around eight in the morning which was early for him. ‘Wow, I wonder what talent it took to make this masterpiece.’ He thought to himself marveling at the sky and even more the world.

Ezra was on his way to the Administration building to talk to the Kazekage about some travel. He wanted to get out of Suna for a while. He wanted to explore and see some other villages, whether they are shinobi villages or not, it didn’t matter. Some travel would be good for Ezra. It could help him grow more as a person and as a shinobi and possibly get his village on even better terms with others. He could also get closer to his goal to befriend at least one shinobi from every major village. That is what appealed to him most out of taking a trip.

He threw his hands up over and behind his head looking as if he were relaxing. He saw the Administration Building in the distance and wondered if even the Kazekage was there. He yawned as he approached the building, lessening the distance more and more. ‘Come to think of it I might be a little too early.’ Ezra answered his own concerns and looked at the sun's position determining the time. He finally made it to the entrance and stared at the Kanji on the front reading Kaze. He was proud to be a Suna-nin born and raised in the land of wind. He sat down cross legged against the wall near the door, relaxing for a second he thought about how he had been so eager to get his trip situated that he forgot to have breakfast. His stomach grumbled but he payed it no mind.

Ezra got up after five minutes and walked into the building. He went straight up to the Kazekage's room. He passed a couple other shinobi on his way. He smiled and waved and some waved back but some were preoccupied with stuff unknown to Ezra. He knocked on the Kazekage's door, before peeking in. He was so ready to see the beautiful girl with who he had an interesting past expirence with.

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