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1 To the Mist [Kumo -> Kiri] on Wed Dec 04, 2013 5:33 am



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Misoka couldn’t help but feel uncomfortably hot in the big black cloak and behind her two masks, one over her face, one over her mouth.
Kirigakure was at war. So much she had already known, but according to Taku, the hostile forces consisted of followers of a puppeteer called Seven Bells and well, Seven Bells himself.
At any rate, the village didn’t exactly provide safety for “tourists” like them.
There were two things Misoka wondered about.
One, why did they have to go pay a visit to his parents at a time like this? Completely irrational if she might say so.
And second, how was her exaggerated disguise going to help her in any way? Plus the metal chain of course. Never would Taku let her run “off-leash” as he didn’t get tired of saying aloud. She was his pet, he was her master. He had the right to dress her up.
Might be some girly thing he had developed as a eunuch. With the exception that he didn’t care to make her ‘pretty’ in that sense, he just wanted to disguise her so well that no-one would ever recognize she was a woman in the first place.

The cloak and its hood alone wouldn’t bother her, quite the contrary actually. However, there was always a limit and Taku went highly over the top.
A porcelain mask with only slits for eyeholes and the Kiri symbol printed on the forehead, kept in place by two white strings knot around the back of her head. God knows where he got hold of that. Did he render a Kiri ANBU unconscious? Hardly likely. So he must have found it somewhere in Yukimura's castle.
Either way, one mask was not enough of course.
Another face mask underneath, which covered her mouth and muffled her voice. Hair tied up and hid under the hood – oh right, which was affixed with strings as well. Black gloves so no-one would see the bandages around her hands.  
She could be happy that she was still able to breathe.

The boat ride with Taku went on mostly in silence. He paddled with one hand, with the other he clutched the end of her chain, apparently afraid she might jump out of the boat.
Misoka stared at the water and the thick mist already forming around them, lost in her own sarcastic thoughts.
It had been quite a while since either of them had said something when Taku mentioned casually,”I was born in Kirigakure. I should feel an obligation of fighting back the hostile forces.”
And if you were born in a trash bin, I couldn’t care less, she said to herself grimly, but knew that she had to reply something when she saw the deadly look on Taku’s face. The psycho was about to freak out again.
“So... eh...” She needed to think of a question for a moment. “Will you help the citizens? Or the village in general?”
Taku exhaled loudly. “No.”

Wow. Why did he have to come up with that bullshit then?!
Becoming more and more annoyed by the second, Misoka fell silent again and went back to gawking at the water like an idiot.
Absent-mindedly, she raised her arm to scratch her head when Taku shouted at her, alert,”What are you doing?! Are you trying to pull off the hood and escape?!”
She flinched, only to clench her teeth in frustration right afterwards. “I’m just trying to scratch myself!”
You paranoid, stupid, insane...
If she was going to spend another week with that man, she would go crazy herself. Maybe it wasn’t even so bad that there was war in Kirigakure. It might raise her chances at getting away from him in the heat of the moment, perhaps when they were being attacked.
“I’m telling you, girl, if you try anything funny, I’ll...” Taku started blaring out his usual threat again so she just decided to cut him off short.
“’ll kill me. I get it!”

At last, their boat reached the waterside.

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