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1 Venture to the Bar [Private | C Rank Mission] on Wed Dec 04, 2013 10:01 pm



Mission name: Drunken Disorder
Mission rank: C - 1000 words
Objective: Remove the unruly patrons.
Location: Kirigakure - Kiri Bar
Reward: 150 Ryo
Mission description: The owner of the Kiri Bar has contacted us because of unruly patrons. Unruly patrons at Kiri Bar aren't a rare sight, but recently they have been getting out of hand and are causing his other patrons to not return. He is loosing revenue. You are asked to make sure that unruly patrons are removed from the premises so that they do not disturb others and that they do not destroy items in the bar or get into fights outside.
Mission details: For one night you are to remove the unruly patrons with force and make sure that they do not hang around outside waiting until you leave. You may not kill the unruly patrons. Killing a patron will result in and auto fail. You must deal with at least 4 people. Two of them must be civilians but this does not make them weak. They will be loud and will fight back. And you will also have to deal with at least 1 who is at least a genin in rank. The fourth is up to you.


A bar? She was underaged, and yet they were sending her on a mission to a bar to deal with drunken men? Clearly, the number of ludicrous missions had increased to the point where the village was nearly understaffed. Since her promotion to Chuunin, she had yet to leave the village even once, still stuck doing the exact same missions as she had done back as a genin. Their squad leader had been pretty much absent since their first meeting weeks ago, and even Hayato seemed to be missing, likely off doing his own training and missions. And so that left her alone more than her time at the Academy, free to take up mission after mission to relieve her boredom. Not that she particularly minded, the small increments of improvement in her skills were just visible, and she was enjoying the fact that she was using her time to train efficiently. But this particular mission seemed to be going a tad overboard. Honestly how the hell am I supposed to be of use if I shouldn't even be allowed into the building? Kicking at an empty can - likely once having contained some form of an alcoholic beverage - she let out a angry huff of breath, heading towards Kiri's famous (or infamous) bar.


She had been training earlier in the day, handing out at the local pool and alternating her time between training basic suiton techniques and simply relaxing, gradually building up a habit of actually swimming laps when she had the free time. While being an active kunoichi, that didn't necessarily mean one automatically had the required endurance and physique, and seeing as she wasn't one for heavy work outs, she instead resorted to swimming multiple laps. Swimming may be considered a form of basic leisure to some, but if enough focus and determination was placed in it, several laps could make a world of difference. But eventually, she had gotten bored, and the moment she learned that there would be another Academy field trip to the very pool she was at, she had hastily showered and gotten changed, eager to leave before having to encounter more unruly children. The last time she had been at the pool when a field trip was occurring didn't end well. At all.

And so, with her hair still drying and a small bag slung over her shoulder with all her swimwear, she had stood outside the building, debating whether to head home, or take up a quick mission first. It had been approximately five pm, too early for dinner. She left the administration building half an hour later with a 'mission' to head over to the bar and remove some unruly patrons. Only it also specifically specified that no permanent harm was to be done to these patrons, despite the fact that the problem had gotten so out of hand that a mission had to be made especially for them. How ridiculous. But it wasn't like she would've killed them anyways, so that wasn't too much of a hassle. It didn't seem like much of a difficult task, given that only two of the four were likely somewhat trained shinobi, and the other two were simply civilians who tagged along so that they would able to bully others without much repercussions. Despicable. The fact there were people who got themselves over-intoxicated and then used it as an excuse to disrupt others was bad enough. But to hear that two of them were Kiri-nin who were all sworn to protect the people of the village of Kirigakure Shaking her head, she picked up her pace, eager to get this over with.


Upon arriving, she could already see a commotion by the side door, the sounds of yelling and obvious threats. Letting out a sigh, she jogged over, the conversation between a group of men becoming increasingly audible as she neared them. Six men stood crowded around the door, four standing on the outside, one right between the door frame, and another just within the shelter of the building. The four men - who she quickly identified as her targets - already seemed highly intoxicated, one of them being supported by another while the other two continued trying to push their way back into the bar, slurred speech arguing unintelligibly with the way inside the building, yelling right over the shoulder of the guard who was attempting to block the doorway. The smartly dressed man inside the building seemed to be the bar owner, and at this point, his face was red with rage, voice hoarse as he continued threatening the drunk men. Well, this was quite the dilemma.

Sauntering over, Keiko didn't bother with pleasantries. There was no need, her targets were right in front of her, additional speech was unnecessary. Two ice clones materialized right by the two men that looked the worst off, slipping behind them and sliding kunai knives right under their chin, pressed lightly against their necks. "Move, and you're dead. I wouldn't budge a muscle if I were you two, given how drunk you are." The words were spoken through both clones smoothly and in unison, the chorus of identical voices making the other two men turn around in surprise.

"Hey, what the --" Eh. She didn't feel like listening to him confront her. Deciding that the man who had been arguing the most was the strongest, two water whips snaked out from underneath him, wrapping around his legs and pulling forward, sending the large man crashing to the ground on his back, leaving him winded. The whips were designed to keep anyone of his rank for a little while, which left only the last man standing free. Instead of doing anything, she simply created five senbon needles in her hand, holding them in such a way that suggested she was going to throw them at any moment. "So you guys heard the nice bar owner. He doesn't want you guys at his bar anymore. That means it's time for the four of you to go, and not come back."Her words were directly at all four of them, but her gaze remained focused on the one still standing free, who was too busy nodding frantically to reply.

"Alright, alright we'll go! Just let us all leave!" It was the man she had tripped who spoke up, regaining his breath and realizing that the situation was unfavourable. Rolling her eyes, she released him as her clones stepped back from their hostages, keeping both the whips and the clones active to serve as a threat tactic. Not that it was necessary. All four men began scrambling away, tripping and lurching as they went.

Well, mission accomplished, and she didn't even need to enter the bar.

Word Count: 1147/1000


Kitahara, Keiko (#cc3366)
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