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Yuzu Ren

Yuzu Ren

As the birds flew away, the wind as cold as a snowy winter. The mist thick as someone makes their way through the fog. As out of the mist came a child, his hair hanging down from the dampness. He shaked his head as his hair returned to its usual messy state. His blue eyes more pale that they have ever been in a while. The trees disappearing beneath the mist as he walks towards the monument.

He stands before it wondering for a while as he reads the writing slowly. "No more prisoners?". He begins to get upset as he draws his sword. "Who is there!" as he turns around facing his sword towards the mist. A feeling he can not shake, a feeling that does not want to go away. As he stood there out from the mist came a somewhat familiar face, but who was it as he looked not sure. Before him stood someone who was more or less thirteen as he then shouted at him. "You forgot about me already?". Things would not go well for him as he realised there were three of them.

"Three of you?" as he said carefully staring at the three kids who looked familiar. It only dawned on him. "You those guys who got kicked out the academy for two years for beating up a sensei". They all smiled and looked at him. He kept his sword upright and watched them not sure what they would do.

"I am more than a match for you, run home now and i will not have to hurt you". The three of them then looked at each other as the leader took out his large club, while the others both had kunai in their hands. Even though he was skilled three on one was not a simple task.

The big boy dashed towards him. Ren did not understand it but they boy seemed really slow. The boy swung his club at Ren who just ducked under as he was about to slash the boys hand to disarm him, he heard a sound. He just barely avoided a kunai to the head as he took a back step. He then noticed the other one was already behind him about to stab him in the back. He spun around with a kick to knock the one behind him away. The boy with the club dashed and was closing his arms around Ren to capture him. Dropping down as he nearly got caught he noticed kunai flying towards him as he rolled out of the way, things were dangerous.

"You trying to kill me?". He then took a few flips and back steps away from them to regroup. He looked into it and began understanding the situation. The Big Boy had a club for hitting hard and would attempt to grapple or distract the enemy. The other kid with the throwing kunai kept his distance and timed for kill shots at a distance. The last kid used his kunai for close range and aimed to stab him whenever he let his guard down. The fact that they were waiting meant that they were planning out their attacks as well. It would come down to whoever can read further ahead.

The one who like to stabbed dashed in first as the big one formed some seals. The other kid dashed from behind that one as the main one dashed to the side several kunai flying towards Ren. He countered easily by knocking them out of the way, he then noticed he lost sight of both of them.

He realised the situation was bad as he jumped figuring if they were nowhere they were underground. As a hand popped up from underground he looked and noticed the big one was above him. He barely managed to block with his sword but falling down with nowhere to dodge. He tossed his sword to the one with ranged attacks who dodged it while the one who stabs got him, or atleast got the sword as Ren used his own sword as a replacement before using Raiton:Hiraishin to disorientate the guy. He noticed the throwing one hesitated while he as in front of the other one.

They stopped as the big one sighed. "We losing this, you held back and you have not even used your sword properly. To believe you used to be weaker than us. Ren looked at them, what do you mean? Wait I remember you...

To Be Continued...

Word Count = 750
D-Rank Jutsu Training : Renzoku = 750/750
Chakra = 205/220


Whoever said blood is thicker then water, has never felt the true nature of the freezing mists

Yuzu Ren

Yuzu Ren

"Wait, I remember you" as he looked at them closely they smiled before saying. " We have someone who wants you to join us, you get free chocolate and some ice cream if you join today". Ren looked at them suspiciously then remembered that these three were not leaders but underlings. " You those three losers who served under Jiro"

Jiro was also in the same grade as Ren in the academy, he had held the first place spot in the academy, however one fateful day involving a stick and the little blonde boy. He became known as a true monster. The tall boy who looked way too old to be in the academy, with his experience in earth jutsu. He looked to them as he asked them one basic question. "Why?"

They all smiled as they went to sit back by the trees. "Because we will make you". Falling down from a near by tree then landing on his feet as the earth formed a crater he was heavy with armor. He then looked at him with a serious look. " Join us or suffer my greatness". Ren closed his eyes for a moment to think then his heart raced. He then looked at Jiro.

"Make me" As the proud and cocky Jiro laughed an almost evil laugh. "Very well then let us fight". They stood before each other as he looked at him carefully, then it began as the wind blew through the grass that was there. All of a sudden the wind began to pick up, it seems a storm was brewing.

The other kids began to choke up as they went into hiding , all nervous as Ren had a more serious look then ever before as he watched Jiro, who in turn watched him back. They did not take their eyes off eachother as Ren slowly reached for his sword. Jiro began to take out his weapon, a modified broad sword which was rather heavy. For five minutes they stood there with patients and careful thought.

"I will prove that I am the best!!" as Jiro charged at Ren swinging his large broad sword at him. Ren just barely blocked as he felt his sword shake a bit. He was knocked back close to ten meters. He then dashed and swung his sword which was easily blocked by Jiro who then began to laugh and then hammered down his broad sword. Ren took a massive back step to avoid it. Later Jiro then followed up with a double slash which he just barely dodged with carefully timed ducking manouvres.
Jiro smiled then dashed faster than Ren could respond, but he was able block it by dropping down to let the sword be in front of him.

Ren knew he could not keep fighting like this as he was clearly being outmatched in his choice of weapon. He dropped his sword then looked at Jiro. " You are weak ". Jiro was now enraged as he dashed swinging nearly cutting Ren's head off just cutting 3 hairs loose as he looked on. "ooorrrryyyaaahhh!!!" as he then followed up with a kick hitting Ren on the nose as his nose began bleeding. Flying through the air as he lost consciousness for a moment, Jiro jumped up swinging his blade down as Ren countered replacing himself with the sword. Jiro was shocked as Ren then dashed behind him and punched him in the back. Jiro was more upset as he turned around to punch Ren in the face but missed. Jiro was stronger but not as fast as Ren, as he then smiled. Jiro turned into mud and that is when he realised it was a mud clone. He felt his leg get grabbed, as Jiro was about to use his Jutsu, Ren stabbed the sword into the ground which forced Jiro to stop the technique and favour his own life.

He looked on as he began to swing his sword again, this was not a fight just of weapons or of ninjutsu but the combination. As they swung their weapons at one another. Ren getting knocked back but coming straight in for the attack pushing back Jiro slightly. Jiro then did not block a sword strike as he formed a special jutsu turning his skin to stone. Ren felt the resonance as he ended up dropping sword. Not one to let it slide this time he grabbed Ren by the neck then aimed his  large sword at Ren's face. It became intense as Ren smiled, it was only then that Jiro would realise he was fighting the clone. As the clone turned to water, Ren tried dashing in, as Jiro jumped back the water still link , Ren use Raiton Kangekiha as the lightning surged through the water shocking Jiro who then coughed up blood.

"Let us be serious, former genius Jiro". As Jiro began to look really upset his hair all a mess as he said to him. "If you want it like that i have no choice, but to release my jutsu" as Jiro got serious he heard something, screams came from the mist as they both looked on. The three kids were attacked and killed by a random shinobi. It was a member of the Seven Bells. As Jiro charged in recklessly that was when Ren saw the true horror of the situation. The one he was having a tough time fighting, was taken out in one attack. Ren could barely see it, but Jiro was stabbed with a spear straight through the chest. "" He looked on that a potential rival he just remembered now died in an instant. Ren looked at the shinobi who had no look of feelings as he took his spear out and finally said.

" We can not let you kids run this village any longer" as Ren then dashed in more carefully. Trading blows the spears reach rather difficult to handle as he backed away. Things were happening too fast as he looked on. Did he still have time to play around here?

To Be Continued ...

Word Count = 1011
B-Rank Jutsu Training : Suiton Suijinheki = 1011/1500
Chakra = 160/220


Whoever said blood is thicker then water, has never felt the true nature of the freezing mists

Yuzu Ren

Yuzu Ren

As things became intense Ren blocked and blocked avoiding critical hits as he struggled. Finally he decided he would have to buy some time and performed the hidden mist technique. The enemy laughed and blew the technique away with a strange rotation of his spear as the mist cleared, Ren slashed at the enemy who had been careless and took a scratch to his face.

"How could you do this to my beautiful face you little brat" He then glared at the kid then smiled. "I am not going to kill you, i think you would make a nice pet. I could ravage you and make you my little girl." The moment he heard that Ren dropped to his knees crying. The enemy was confused as he just stared for about a minute then Ren took off his shirt casually then said. "Please do not hurt me ni-sama". The man suffered a slight nose bleed, it was only then that the man realised what the kid was after. As he tried to control the nose bleed the kid nearly managed to stab the man who dodged in time to capture Ren in a full Nelson. He panicked as he struggled kicking and screaming as he kicked the man repeatedly in the gut as well as managing a few elbows to the man's head.

The man was enjoying it as his nose bled even more he sniffed at ren's ear, after which ren dropped his sword then kicked it as it fell , the blade cutting one of the man's balls. The pain was intense as the man screamed, Ren struggling to breathe as his heart raced. He picked up his sword then said. "People like you do not deserve to be prisoners. " He slashed from the ground up killing the man with a fatal chest wound from his Mizukiri technique. The battle was over and he then put his shirt back on as he blushed.

He then walked over and grabbed the bodies of each of them one by one. He dug them small graves near a few trees. He knew that it would not make up for the loss but he did learn now that this was a war in which he would have to learn to defend those all around him.

" I can not sit here and watch everyone around me die " as he walked on back to the monument paying his respects before looking up as it began to rain the drops falling on his tears as he blinked as drops fell in his eyes. He had cried so many times because of this war, and not many got to see him cry. Those who did never lived for very long, he could not stand that he did not come prepared as he decided to finish his training.

He focused for hours in the rain as the rain began to whirl around him repeatedly until finally the rain stopped as with the last bit of water around him he finally completed it.

"Suiton Suijinheki" as the water surrounded him in a dome before it collapsed as some medical shinobi making their daily rounds found him and took him to the hospital as a nurse said.

"I have not seen him like this since Tora died" As another person said. "I know that is why we tied him to the bed, he needs to learn to rest like another fool i know". The nurse smiled and said, "I know Oomi that silly girl"

Word Count = +588
B-Rank Jutsu Training : Suiton Suijinheki = 1599/1500
Chakra = 130/220



Whoever said blood is thicker then water, has never felt the true nature of the freezing mists

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