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1 Travel thread to Kiri invite only.(no kill) on Tue Dec 10, 2013 7:46 pm



Tsuyo had heard little back in the way of reports so he could only assume the worst. He had gotten tired of waiting for news the second day. And that was two days ago. He could not leave his plan to empty chance and wordless prayers. He needed to step up his own game a little. But that was not due to him expecting his people to lack the ability. But perhaps the motivation. His plan would not just mean his freedom but theirs. No more running and hiding just living again. He let his brown eyes* contacts in* browse around his room. It was going to be simple for him to infiltrate. They where trying to keep people in not out. Still he was going to do some good for some one if he could manage. He decided that given Kiri was dangerous enough to be his funeral grounds he would dress his sunday best. So he slipped into the custom made italian suit and brushed his hair back. Buttoned his wrist coughs and adjusted his silk tie. Before smiling into the mirror. He was definitely out of place in the ninja world. Still he grabbed his knife and tucked it into his right breast inner pocket. After all he might actually need it.

Still he exited the bedroom and walked down the hall and then descended the steps with the pearl railing. His shiny shoes making little to no noise as he entered the main hall. He smiled charmingly as he passed the maid and went straight to the twins. The two he had originally defeated and had then joined him. He bowed his head to them respectfully and they smiled in return. He was a good master to them and they actually kind of liked their roles as butlers. Of course they where also the most capable warriors outside of his circle. he informed them to look after both mansions and see that business continues as usual. They where in charge and he would be gone for a few days. If he did not return within a week they where to inform the others he had gone to handle business in Kiri. But he left it at that. There was a chance he was walking to his death and he didn't wish to reveal that just yet. He didn't want the staff to worry or the actual staff to ask questions. Still the two boys seemed to understand and quickly nodded before going about their duties. They never questioned him anymore.

Reaching the door he slipped into a black suit coat that went down to his knee's and put a fidora on his noggin. He grinned a little and even grabbed a walking cane with a blue rose on the top. Before slipping out the door. He crossed the courtyard looking every bit the businessman on a trip for something or another. Hopefully he would actually save lives for once. Of course he would also be doing the usual. He smiled to himself as he stepped into his redwood horse drawn carriage pulled by a team of four horses. He settled back into the cushioned seat and instructed the driver to head to Kiri with out stopping and once the reached the border to hide himself and the carriage. He sat quietly for the ride wondering quietly what new hell he was walking into. And if this hell was prepared for the Autumn dragon. He liked how the name rolled off his tongue. He would certainly introduce himself as such. Kajiya the autumn dragon. Once they reached the border he stepped out of the carriage and proceeded into Kiri on foot.

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