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His eyes opened as he glanced at the sky, eyeing the area surrounding him he stood up his aura keeps growing darker and darker, he now knows the life of a traitor, the life of a criminal, no one to trust, no home to return to, the young Uzumaki looked around for food nothing was In his sight, he spoke In disappointment "whatever..." he then thought of the crap  happening In Kirigakure and he wasn't really thinking of assisting, he thought It might be a good Idea to ear a few more pennies. 

"I should probably stay out of sight once I get there, It would be troublesome to fight with nothing to gain, then again I wouldn't mind a little bit more killing-" as he was finishing his sentence, he was reminded of what doctor Kajiya had told him "our goal Is not to burn any countries", "we are not the blade that destroys", "we are the shield that protects and the arrow that punishes" 

He forgot his true purpose, but thanks to the words that Doctor Kajiya offered him, he was reminded of his true purpose, It Is revenge, the aoi bara Is the arrow that punishes and the shield that protects,killing for fun Is not a part of the bargain, he thought of holding In all the desire to kill, all the hatred he feels, to the target of his revenge, he started walking to the gate of Iwagakure, as he saw the two guards standing firm there, he thought of taking them out, but again he stopped himself and thought carefully, he wore an Iwa headband Imitation that he made In order to bend In, he spoke to the two guards as  he kept his Introduction simple "H-Hello there, my name's Sousuke Izuna, c-can I have permission to leave... I am going to assist my friends In kirigakure, I am chunin ranked.  " they nodded as they smiled at him, what a pathetic bunch, falling for the act of a flustered kid,however, that's not what mattered, what truly mattered now Is his destination. Luckily he was capable of getting past the gate, from then his trip to Kirigakure began.

It was the very morning at the time he began moving , he started running at a remarkable speed, the wind blew against the boy's body battling It out with the wind might not be so fun but surely fun will be waiting In Kirigakure. hours later he was withing the territory of Kirigakure, he stumbled across what seemed to be a fleeing minion of seven bells, he had the Kirigakure headband along side a gash that was the first sign of a missing nin, In other words his first victim appeared. After breaking the neck of the lowly minion he headed towards the gate of kirigakure.

He greeted the two guards and gave them the same exact simple Introduction act, It was for the moment to trick those halfwits but It was time to "support"  Kirigakure,  no time for fun Indeed, and thus, the boy entered Kiri the land of mist.

"I wonder what waits for me, I must avoid contact with Konoha shinobi, from now on I live alone, I fight alone, and I destroy alone, I must assisst Kirigakure It should earn me a couple o' more pennies, I need money If I am to survive, survival of the fittest, I guess that means me" he said with a smirk on his face, he was thrilled by the thought of fighting against powerful foes, he always loved fighting and beating others at everything they do "time to spread despair" he spoke as he thought of seven bells.


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