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The day was warm and promising fair weather treated the village and it was a perfect day to enjoy the great outdoors.  As to nobodies surprise Rinshi was out and about training for his Jounin test.  Becoming Jounin would certify that he now had achieved the level of his father's greatness, but no he couldn't achieve his father' standards not at his current strength.  Rinshi began pounding against a tree branch with his palms, wrapped in gauze, blood still seeping through he increased the speed of his strikes.  Pain stinging his body through his arm.  Rinshi could not stop now he wasn't half way done he had to keep training till he was strong enough.  In his eyes he was a failure, a failure to his village, a failure to his clan, a failure of himself.  Greatness was expected from someone of his caliber and how could he not deliver.  Rinshi developed his very own technique as a Chunnin, and he still believed he could not amount to his father's level.

Rinshi sighed as he began to unravel his hands to replace the gauze.  I could use a vacation...  Rinshi did have a good point he worked hard and maybe all he needed was some mental relaxation and physical unwinding.  After all he couldn't get stronger if he couldn't move his body.  After gathering his things from the training ground outside of the village, Rinshi made his way home entering through the western gates.  A little walk till he got home but it wouldn't be that much of a hassle, he was use o venturing about the city finding shortcuts to his two story home.  While walking he stopped by Ichiraku's for a to-go order of Ramen.  The ramen was nice and of course on the house which is what he loved about the old man, free ramen whenever he wanted.  

Upon arrival of his home Rinshi caught a whiff of himself, and it was vile.  Rinshi opened the door placed his Ramen on a end table near the front door, and proceeded upstairs for a shower.  During this shower he began to think, for some reason the shower was Rinshi's thinking chamber weirdly enough he came up with good idea's while in the shower.  Though his only thought was of where he would vacation to he proposed Kirigakure or maybe Sunagakure it seemed to be nice around this time.

Turning the knob that shut off the water Rinshi stepped out of the shower drying his hair, and was happy he now had a fresh scent than the foul one he had earlier.  Rinshi entered his bedroom dressing himself in his usual winter attire, it was a bit chilly outside now and so he decided to wear his dark blue windbreaker jacket with fur around the color, along with his navy coloured camo pants, and black combat boots.  Pulling out his travel bags throwing them on the bed, he began packing his ninja outfits as he would be representing Konoha while on vacation.  Rinshi planned on staying for about a week or two, so he would need plenty of supplies.

After zipping his suitcase up, he threw his bag over his shoulder and drug his suitcase down the steps.  Grabbing his Ramen before he forgot it.  Rinshi opened the door and could no longer see steam coming from his Ramen, they had gone cold so he pitched the cup in a dumpster while walking down the street. Rinshi checked into the Administrative Building about his departure so there would be no misunderstandings. Rinshi proceeded out of the southern gate down the dirt road that led to Sunagakure, the Sand Village, maybe even have a good time meet a few girls and punch a few faces.


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