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Back to Sunagakure. He could never quite understand himself why he picked such a place. But it was where he participated in the Chuunin exams. Not only that but he heard of another Uchiha taking residence there. He couldn't help but be excited at the fact that he was able to travel freely. He'd recently met with the village leaders and presented them with a Genjutsu that would hide him from predators that lurk in the world. First thing he did was run home and pack his things, say goodbye to the old woman who sold bread and then he was off on his way.

He showed the Jonin at the gate his papers to pass through. Walking out he looked to the left, a boulder of his thoughts he called it. He'd spent many days lying on the old thing the wondering and wandering with his mind. He always dreamed of this kind of lifestyle. He probably would have done it sooner if he wasn't so attached to the village. But it kept him strong because he knew the sun would watch over him, and to him it meant life.

He walked down the path, his gait slow but picking up as he went. It was with the tempo of his mind, he couldn't help but imagine all his possibilities now. He could do whatever he wanted, train where he needed, do what he felt he wanted. Anything, freedom was apart of his body now, his life. But he still represented the goals of Kumogakure, and that was just fine with him.

By the time he snapped out of his zoned out state he was already at the field he once passed through, it would take him through three villages before he finally arrived in Sunagakure. But he was prepared for the fight. He instantly broke into a sprint, his hand on his hilt and his other hand flying behind him, this is how he ran and in a world like this, it was more of defensive preparation than anything.

Two days passed before he finally passed into the sandy dunes of Sunagakure. He'd been stopped multiple times by the forces of the other villages, but the permission to travel papers had given him allowance into these lands. He was stating his intentions and they let him pass. He stopped his movement and looked down at the sand and remembered what he needed to go through in order to get here. And it all seemed worth it.

He started traveling inward into the sands, again with the wind. He couldn't believe anyone was able to live out here. He just wanted to get this over with, sand in his clothes, feeling it on his body, it was irksome. He didn't like it whatsoever, he contemplated just leaving and not even going, but he needed to know. He wanted that one glimpse at someone who he could share his own heritage with. It wasn't about going anywhere or doing anything but it was about not being alone. If he could bring back his clan he would, and this needed to be a start.

He arrived at the gates just before sundown, he showed them his papers and told them he'd been here from the Chuunin exams prior. They passed him entrance into the village. This dark valley was the coolest part of the entire village, the shade away from the sun, the moist sand around him in cooling comfort, he'd rather stay here than just continue moving.

Ukio finally made it through the valley and was staring down at the villagers, He placed hi hands on his hip and smiled down at them, the wind moving his clothing and he laughed. He was finally in Suna.


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