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Nakashima Ryou

Nakashima Ryou

Special Jounin
Coyotes vs. Shinobi
For some reason Nakashima felt uneasy about this day, he could not identify why he felt strange but he knew that there was a bad vibe about this day. But alas he put his bad feeling at ease and went to collect a mission for the day. He lazily shuffled over the the mission board and looked for a suitable mission to take on. He noted one particular mission that he thought would be rather easy with a high price on it, the mission was titled 'Coyote vs. Shinobi'. Nakashima thought to himself, how hard could it be to take on a few wild coyotes, like seriously there are only just wild animals. He viewed the mission description it read as follows: A pack of coyotes has been attacking villagers around the town entrance. The coyotes had already killed one kid who was alone outside the villages. The coyotes are strong and are with at least 5 of them seen outside the walls. You have to kill or capture the pack of animals before they can do more harm to the city and its villagers. After reading this description his mind still had not changed. Its only five measly little coyotes, why are these villagers having so much problems with them. He thought to himself long and hard about taking this mission but finally decided on to take this mission. Following this he did as he always did and prepared for this mission he thought to himself how this was just easy money that the local pet catcher could take on. So he decided before he left he would enjoy some Ramen with chicken strips, this was his favorite meal beside a deliciously smooth chicken curry. He slurped down the ramen as slowly as he could as he really did not want to start this mission but knew that he had to, he knew that he could waste anymore time doing nothing so he ate the noodles and chicken then had a few very large gulps of the soup in the bowl. He then placed the bowl on the table and left the required ryo on the table and started to head out and look for the coyotes. 

He first decided to begin his investigation with the family that had lost their child to the vicious pack surrounding the village. He looked at the address on the mission details and headed off in that direction, once again he found himself slowly shuffling along the road. Upon arrival he was greeted by the grieving family with what seemed like the child's mother and sister still sobbing from the traumatic experience. He decided it would be best to talk with the father about the details as he seemed like he could keep himself together in this sort of situation. 

'Now explain to me what happened?' Nakashima asked in the most delicate tone he could muster.

'Well, you see, we usually let our child, kange, go and play outside the village wall quite often. He was usually with friends or was able to take care of himself. We really are not that sure on any of the details as we did not see what happened, the guard tower saw what happened and were not able to do anything in time to save him. So really we are not the best people to ask about this as we do not know what happened.' The poor man responded and nearly burst into tears about having to talk about his son in this manner. No doubt blaming himself for the death of his child.

'Okay I will be sure to ask the guard about this, thank you for your help in this matter. By the way do you recall the guard or guards names as they were not listed in the mission details. Hence the reason I came here first.' Nakashima asked politely hoping to not cross any lines in this delicate time for the man and his family. 

'Ahh, I think there names were Aiya and I think the other mans name was Atsuto, yeah thats what there names were, they are normally posted on the tower right near where the incident happened. I hope this helps you find the coyotes that did this to my son, he was a good boy you know, he had never lifted a finger against any animal in his life before this day. Bt he died because we allowed him to go outside the village walls by himself. This is my fault.' Said the man with a hateful guilt toward himself.

'Sir, this is not your fault. I am sure you were a great father to this young man and I bet he loved you for letting him go outside the village walls so he could explore and do other things by himself. I am sure it gave him a sense of independence. I am sure he would have grown up to be a great man. You did the best you could, so please don't be to harsh on yourself about this matter, I am sure your son loved you with all his heart. I must leave now but promise me you will try to pull yourself together the remainder of your family needs you now, your daughter needs her father now and so does your wife. So please for their sake stay strong and get through this. I will find and kill these coyotes.' With that pep talk Nakashima exited the families house and went searching for the guards who were on duty. 

Nakashima walked to the guard post with a bit more of a sense of urgency now as he needed to give this family closure of their sons death. He quickly spoke to the guards about what happened on the day of the incident.

'Now what happened on the day of the child's death and is there anything you can tell me about these coyotes?' Nakashima asked hoping that he would be able to gather more information before setting off to catch these coyotes. 

'Ahh, well the day is a little foggy in my memory but i do remember catching the coyotes in the act to late for the boy to be saved when I finally saw what was happening the 5 coyotes had already killed the poor boy and were tearing him to shreds. I was a terrifying sight, I couldn't bare to watch, but i realized I had to do something so I quickly ran over to the boys body with Aiya here to scare of the pests and to check on the boy. But as I already said he had died to quickly to be saved.' Atsuto replied with a tear forming in the corner of his eye.

'Well, I am here to track down these coyotes and remove the from the area so this does not happen again to any one else or their children.' Nakashima said with great determination on his face. 'Will you two help me rid this area of these savage beast?'

'We sure will, lead the way and we shall follow you.' They both replied readying their gear to move out as soon as possible.

The three set off in search of the savage beasts to kill them all without hesitation. They searched long and hard for the coyotes but alas they could not pick up any trail or lead to the location of the beast. They must be hiding and waiting to pounce on their next unsuspecting victim. The three decided that they would set up camp for the night and continue their search in the following morning. 

'Lets rest here for the night, we won't be able to find them in the dark if we can't even pick up a track during the daylight.' Nakashima said with great disappointment. 

'Here seems like as good a spot as any, I think here will do find for the night. I can't believe we couldn't even find a track today, this sucks.' Aiya moped.

'Thats enough of that, think positive, we will find them tomorrow, trust me. We have to, for the good of all the people we have sworn to protect. Alright lets just try and get some sleep before we have to get up again.' Nakashima said tring to lift the spirits of the two men.

The night began to fall very dark, so much that you could barley see in front of your own nose. The group lit a fire and began to rest. But little did they know, they had been being watched for the past couple of hour. The coyotes had just been waiting for their chance. Without a moments notice Nakashima could hear yelling coming from one of the other men, he quickly jumped to his feet to see what was happening. To his surprise, Aiya was being attack by one of the coyotes, the coyote had him by the leg and was trying to drag him out of the safe area, but Aiya was not going down without a fight he used his other leg to kick the coyote in the nose which forces the coyote to release his strong biting grip on his calf. Struggling to get to his feet, Atsuto joined them as they tried to identify if this was indeed the pack. It wasn't long before the other coyotes emerged from the black night of the forest and encircled the three, with Aiya having a severely injured leg he was unable to be any use in the upcoming fight. This meant that it was down to Nakashima and Atsuto to take on the beast, which all had the taste of blood in their mouths, looking for their next meal. 

'Atsuto get on the left side of Aiya, I will take the right. Protect him with everything you have, I am not losing another soul to these savage blood thirsty beast. You take those to on the left and I will take these three on the right, do what ever you must. We have to eliminate these beasts.' Nakashima said without taking his eyes off his targets.

Nakashima took Atsuto out of mind as he felt he would be able to do his job, he now had to concentrate on his enemy. He released his Fire Style: Misty Flame Dane, but while doing this these coyotes could smell something in the air and slowly backed off. Hmm, Nakashima thought to himself, this could be more difficult then I first thought. He would have to trick the coyotes into walking back into the area affected by the jutsu. Nakashima turned his back on the coyotes knowing that this would attract them to attack him as he could not defend himself when facing the opposite way. When he heard them move he quickly and used Lightning Release: Lightning Rod which then sparked the gas and caused it to exploded in a ball of flame. When the flames and smoke had cleared Nakashima noticed to dead coyotes in the area but one body was missing, he turned to look at Atsuto who was fighting the other two and not seeming to have any problems at all, but at this moment out of the corner of his eye he noticed something heading toward him. Nakshima was narrowly able to avoid the object coming at him. When he was able to get a closer look he saw that the object was the other coyote, he noticed that one side of the beast had been burnt and this was interfering with some of the beasts speed. Nakashima noticed that the beast had stopped to take a few breathes and used his Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu in a flame thrower motion as he knew he would have a better chance of hitting the animal in this form. Nakashima had killed all of the beasts on his side and Atsuto had also done the same. The mission had been a success, they took Aiya to the hospital and Nakashima collected his ryo for completing this mission. 

Word Count: 1500/1500
Katon C=>B: 1701/2000


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