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Shippo smiled as he and the rest of his family were going about on a good hunting trip. This hunting trip was not their usual one and instead, it was an actual mission given to them by the Hokage. This hunting trip they were supposed to gather as much material from animals as possible. This was the perfect time for Shippo and Tsume to show off what they could do. He looked to his mother with a smile on his lips while Tsume trot along beside him. His mother looked down at him with a smile of her own showing her sharpened and much longer fangs. Her ninken Tobourne walking at her side big enough for her to ride if she really wanted to. She looked him over a bit of hesitation in her eyes “Shippo, I know you have been working really hard, but are you sure you can handle this? I’d rather you not try than try and fail.”

Shippo’s heart sank ever so slightly as he shook his head growling softly “I promise I won’t Fail you, mother! I can do it! I know you’re worried about me making the clan look bad because of how weak I used to be, but I promise that I can do it! Tsume and I have been working hard to get stronger and better! We’ll show you!” he said with a fire in his eyes.

His mother slowly took a step back nodding her head slowly “Oh, well, okay then. I am sure you know what you’re doing. Please just be careful. Get as many as you can, and do not take on anything you can’t handle okay? I don’t want you getting hurt.” In reality, she was terribly worried about her only son. She gently placed a hand on Tobourne’s head “Remember when you and Tsume have kills that you have made make sure to howl out and we’ll come get them.”

Shippo smiled widely and looked down to Tsume “Alright! Let’s get going!” with that he dropped down onto all fours and sped away Tsume looked to his father bowing his head respectfully. The older Canine nodded once and very shallowly to show he approved then the younger rushed away after his partner. Despite the speed at which they were moving they were fairly quiet as they did move. Soon enough they were deep into the forest. Tsume was using his nose in tandem with his partner trying to sniff out the trail of some kind of prey. They were soon to startle a couple of rabbits out of their hiding hole. Rabbits were fast, but both Shippo and Tsume were on them fast; quickly Tsume snapped up his rabbit in his powerful but small mouth snapping its neck as he shook it violently. Shippo, on the other hand, was quick to pounce the rabbit that he had been chasing doing likewise as his partner before he tied the pair together leaving them tied to a tree. He nodded to Tsume who gave a howl to signal the pickup of the catch. Sure enough one of his mother’s ninken came rushing towards them taking the pair of rabbits in his mouth before rushing off.

Shippo smiled as he and Tsume rushed off into the woods again this time Tsume scented something almost right off the bat and he took off after it. Shippo was right behind him before he scented it as well it was the scent of a deer. Be it a buck, or doe he couldn’t tell, but he knew that he wanted to catch it. Deer were always good eating and they gave off lots of leather for his clan to use. Bounding over a large bush he and Tsume startled a small herd of deer all of which began to bound off in various directions. Quick on the draw as he could be Shippo threw his Kunai out at one of the fleeing deer a young buck by the look of it, he drew the three shuriken out of his holster throwing them at the same deer that Tsume had just sank his fangs into bringing it down as well. This one was a larger male, but not much so. Moving off to the one he had felled with his kunai he made sure his work was done while Tsume did the same. Tsume was still too small to drag the large body of the stag towards the center so instead he watched and scouted the rest of the Foliage around their kills. He managed to see a few ground birds trying to flee, but he was the faster catching two before the rest had actually managed to get away. Feeling himself deserving of some extra praise he brought the two kills back to Shippo who was busy tying the two bucks together his weapons already back in their proper places. It took a good deal of rope, but he managed and he even strung the birds to the larger kills by their necks. He and Tsume both howled this time to show that the pickup was larger than one alone could handle. The response came in the form of his mother and all three of her ninken arriving. She looked to the bucks and the birds nodding her head in approval “That’s very good Shippo.” She said with pride on her features “Now, we only need a few more creatures. I trust you to finish gathering as many of them as you are able.”

Nodding Shippo looked to Tsume dropping back onto all fours “We are good to go now. Hurry.” He said dropping back down onto all fours and tearing off into the woods. He and Tsume would have to make a much longer hunt of this last kill. He thought it would be the last, but he passed by a few other rabbits, snakes, and smaller game tying them up and letting Tsume give a howl for pickup. He had spotted the tracks a way back and this was the game he hunted the most fiercely. It was a boar, a fairly large one if the tracks were any true indication. The tracks led to a thicket, a deep hovel of brambles, and thick vines. This was the home of a boar, and Shippo looked to Tsume nodding slowly “Be careful Tsume, this is a boar, and they are much nastier than any bear when they are roused to wrath and vengeance. We must be careful.” Tsume nodded his head as he slowly moved to approach the thicket from the right.

Then all at once the gates of hell broke loose and the boar which was much larger than boars that Shippo was used to came bursting from the thicket. Having not seen Tsume it came charging straight for Shippo. However, the Inuzuka was ready for this and he leapt to one side throwing his shuriken into the beast’s side. The squeal of anguish was enough to lure many a beast to the site of the slaughter to be had. Yet, these wounds were nowhere near enough to slay the boar even though harm was done. The boar turned around keeping Shippo in its sights giving him another squealing challenge. Yet, what the swine didn’t know was that there was another hunter. That’s when Tsume made his move surging up behind the boar sinking his fangs into the right back leg of the swine tearing his head to and fro as fast as he could closing his mouth down like a vice to the best of his ability.

The pain was intense the boar giving out another great anguished cry turning to face this new attacker it left itself open to Shippo on the front and this time he had his Kunai in hand rushing in to stab the boar in the neck twice before he pulled away in order to avoid the slicing wicked tusks that came around to try and gore him. Tsume moved onto the other leg tugging backwards to unbalance the beast which did indeed work. This time however the Boar did his best to roll over onto his back and shake off his pesky attacker, but the exposing of its belly left it wide open for Shippo who dragged his claws along the beast’s belly as deeply as he could his kunai sinking into the underside of the boar’s neck once with a powerful stab. This was the blow that would do the trick as the boar rolled over onto its hooves again it began to choke on and lose his blood by the heavy streams. He tried to cry out a few more times, but it was not nearly enough to make challenge and it wasn’t long before it dropped dead to the ground.

There was no need to howl to signal the capture, due to the fact that their little battle was loud enough to draw the rest of the hunting group to them. His mother arrived and saw the kill her son had brought down. This was impressive by all accounts and she nodded her head in approval “You have done well. I am most impressed my son. Now, help me get this great thing back to its proper place and we shall go back home.” With that mother and son hefted the boar between them her hounds much larger than Tsume were ready with the larger kills and Tsume carried more than his weight in kills heading back to the village so they could make good use of the food, leather, and fur.

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