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After the ordeal in the cave full of glowing crystals, which apparently was called Koudo Sutajiamu, Sayuri was terribly tired. Not tired enough to sleep, but her leg and arm hurt where she had been cut and subsequently refused healing. Now that she was no longer faced with the immediacy of having to touch someone’s hand it seemed like a rather silly decision to refuse. Especially since she had no medical knowledge of her own, the best she could hope for was to wrap the wounds up in something and pray they would heal on their own. She had always just healed on her own from minor cuts like this, but they usually left nasty scars. The wounds she had sustained that were more major had been taken care of by medical ninja and although there were still scars, they were pale and almost pretty.

For now though she was more interested in enjoying the meal that she and Harichimo had asked for before they left on their mission. She hadn’t been overly specific in her requests to the chef, only that she had wanted something sweet and now she had a surprise waiting for her. If there was one thing better than a good meal, it was a surprise good meal. And sweets at that. Sayuri skipped along on the way back to the University, cheerfully singing the Rice Song. “Rice is the best! Better than the rest! All day long, eating the Rice!” She didn’t expect Harichimo to sing along with her, the Rice Song was something she remembered from her childhood; an amorphous song that changed it’s lyrics and tune depending on who was singing it. The only thing that signified it was the Rice Song at all was that it mentioned rice in it. Somewhere. There were times when it was used as a children’s song, like when she was in the hospital in Konoha. And other times when it was used to give her courage, like when she was young and fought alongside her grandfather.

Despite taking her time, meandering and skipping about, they would reach the University in short order. Dashing up to the doors of the University Sayuri would push them open with both hands and wave for Harichimo to hurry up. He was faster than her, and so the gesture was moot, but she was far too excited to think clearly. There was food involved after all! Without waiting for her Sensei to cross the threshold she raced to the floor that she now lived on, skidding along the stone floor and sliding down the banister before tumbling once in a somersault and springing back up with a cheer. It was the finest display of tumbling she had ever done, she was certain of it. But she wasn’t entirely sure that Harichimo would approve of her acrobatics in the stately hall so once she had secured her landing she would lean casually against a wall with a mischievous grin on her face and wait for Harichimo to descend so they both could eat.



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