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Ronin and Nukenin are the fatal flaw that lays within the heart of the system devised by the Village Ninja, whose constant war to this day against; rogue organizations, nomadic criminals and those who would seek to do harm lead them to be simultaneously distrustful of those who practice the arts of chakra control in an unregulated manner without oversight. Drawn to freedom, profit or pleasure, there will always be those who seek to loosen their chains and reject a system no matter how near it rises to perfection, to the limitless ire of the Village Kage. But, in a way these people remind the world of where it came from, before ninja built walls.

However, undermining the rebellious elements of the wanders, are the cartels and monsters the Villages hope to fight and permanently suppress. Killers, slavers and thieves, the criminal element lurks like a cobra within the underbelly of the ninja world waiting for the opportunity to strike at the flanks of the unprepared, weak or the ignorant. From the great Bazaars of Sunagakure to the aqueducts of Kirigakure, every village has their hotbed for the criminal element, but, were it not for a great villain to rally against, what would keep the people of this fickle world together?

Becoming a Wanderer // Ronin

Wanderers are those who do not prescribe to the system of the ninja villages, choosing instead to live outside of their jurisdiction and often pay no heed to the laws of the lands they pass through. Instead, preferring freedom, but at the cost of the watchful eyes that tend to follow them as they move through the world, they move freely from village to village and place to place unrestricted.

Any character in theory can begin as a Wanderer, implying that they aren't, and never have been members of one of the five great ninja villages. Likewise, some characters, with the permissions of their Kage, can become Wanderers after creation, should they leave their village peacefully and in such a way their Leader would not see them as a threat to their nation. As they are no threat, these ninja, while they may be recorded, are quite different from criminals as they are not hunted down or sought after, but they do tend to be monitored within village / city limits.

Wanderers are still able to accept missions within the villages they travel through as a mercenary, in much the same was as other travelling ninja do, however, they must gain the permission of the Kage in order to undertake village / repeatable missions. Although their own personal missions which don't directly involve the nation or its ninja do not require approval from the Kage of the Village they are currently in.

Wanderers, as they have a greater knowledge of the world also do not require another ninja to travel with them at Genin ranks, and are free to move about.

  • A wanderer cannot be a players' first character. Players are required to have had another character for two months before being able to app a Wandering character.
  • Additionally, Ronin are considered restricted, meaning a player may only have one character as a Ronin active at any one time. They also require an app of exceedingly high quality and double the normal wordcount for each required parameter in order to be approved.
  • As a standard for wanderers, they can only be members of scattered clans without the express permission of the Kage the intended clan belongs to.

Becoming a Criminal // Nukenin

Unlike Wandering Ninja / Ronin, the Missing Ninja / NukeNin is a ninja who has abandoned his Village either in an act of defiance, crime or to join a hostile Village against the will of their laws or Kage. These Ninja are wanted criminals by the ninja Villages and any other Village they betray or that are allied with their original Village. These Ninja upon discovery are placed into the Bingo Book of the Village and a Bounty is placed upon their head based on their ranks and crimes, though the body or proof of death must be brought back before bounty collection can occur. The moment you defect from your village (post a travel thread with an OOC declaration of intent to defect), you are treated as a rogue ninja.

  • Unlike wanderers, a ninja cannot Begin as a Missing ninja, they must defect IC.
  • While other ninja are able to risk their lawful status in completing criminal missions for extra money, due to the risk of being a criminal. As a nukenin all missions completed by the Nukenin are considered criminal missions.

Bounties For PC Nukenin:

  • D Rank: 500 Ryo
  • C Rank: 750 Ryo
  • B Rank: 1000 Ryo
  • A Rank: 2000 Ryo
  • S Rank: 3000 Ryo
  • SS Rank: 4000 Ryo

NPC Bounties:

While true villains can be hard to come by in the living world there is honestly never a shortage of those who would break the law in any given nation, to the point that some nations have gone so far as to privatize their systematic elimination of Nukenin as a viable export.

Unlike missions where the job must follow a market value and objective, Bounties require only a target and their confirmed status as a criminal, however, once a bounty has been created, they can be taken and completed by anyone, and can only be taken once. Simply put: The only requirement for a bounty, is that the NPC has broken the law, and would be wanted by the nation.

To apply for a Bounty, simply fill out an NPC Template and post it in the Mission Section. Once completed, post a link to your app in the Mission Modding Requests Thread and it will be modded by a staff member.

  • Rewards for NPC bounties follow the mission payout guides. With the rank of mission being equal to the rank of the Bounty. As such, the required wordcounts also apply.
  • Only one bounty can be collected per thread. (And cannot be claimed as well as a mission threads reward.)


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